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This site is largely member supported

Access to the Simple trACtors website is free.  You can browse over a thousand pages, use the many technical resources, enjoy the Gallery photos and stories, or the clubhouse with its discussion forum and the classified ads.  But if you enjoy this site and all that it offers, please consider showing your support by becoming a voluntary subscriber.  Your donations will help Simple trACtors continue to be a growing source of information, community and support for Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers garden tractor enthusiasts.

In the past our cash expenses have been met entirely by selling advertisements. That is changing rapidly.  Due to the rapid growth in the site and our readership, and the server space and bandwidth necessary to support this growth, the operating expenses of the site have more than doubled in the past year.  Meanwhile, ad revenues have not kept pace.  Ad renewals are at the same "flat" advertising rate -- ad revenues and the "going rates" are down dramatically across the Internet, in some cases to 1/4 previous levels, and many "dot-coms" have fallen victim.  While Simple trACtors is not in danger of disappearing, it is limited by these unforeseen changes in net operating costs.

Ways that you can help

We recommend a voluntary contribution of $5.00 for a year's subscription.  This is about the price of one copy of a quality magazine at the newsstand or magazine rack. It's totally up to you.  But, if you can donate more, we can certainly use your support and appreciate your generosity. 

Simple trACtors  has purchased some of the content on the site, but members of the Simplicity and AC Garden Tractor Club and other visitors have provided provided most of the information contained on the site.   We are always on the lookout for original or photocopies of sales, marketing, parts, service or other relevant technical materials that are NOT COPYRIGHTED to add to the site.  We diligently try to give credit to those members who have contributed the materials.

You can also donate your time, knowledge and experience, by helping others on the discussion boards, writing technical articles such as "Do-It-Yourself" stories, or contributing other content. 

Donate what you can, when you can, and what you feel is appropriate -- if you can't afford to become a subscriber - we still appreciate you and hope you'll continue to visit Simple trACtors again and again.  Just visiting makes our advertising space more valuable...

How to contribute

You can make a direct monetary contribution to support Simple trACtors online, safely and securely, using our PayPal account.   PayPal accepts all major credit cards or you can make cash payments directly from your bank accounts.  Just click the button right below and fill out the form.


NOTE: The Email address is kent@simpletractors.com on that account, in case you have problems.  

If you would like to directly contribute using a personal check or money order, or to send printed materials through the postal mail, our address is:

Kent Thomas
29 Mount Pleasant Street
North Brookfield, MA

If you would like to join the Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractor Club, and make your contribution through the club auspices, then see the Club Info section in the Clubhouse.

Similarly, should you have suggestions on content you'd like to contribute, or specific suggestions on how Simple trACtors can be improved, we sincerely welcome your input.  Just email us

We truly view the overwhelming success of the site to this "team effort."  We certainly could not have done it without all your help!  Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and enthusiasm as we continue to jointly build the "best garden tractor site" on the World Wide Web.  

Finally, please support our advertisers who support Simple trACtors -- without them, it could not continue. .

Thank you!

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