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Adjustable Seat
Dollies, Toolbox & More
Sicklebar Swathboard
Rear Loader Mount
Simply Shocking?
Variable to Hydro #2
Variable to Hydro #1
Spout Motor
Making 1 out of 2
Ark 900 Restoration
Stack Muffler
Flange Puller
SunStar Loader
B-1 Cable Lift
Magneto to Coil
Sprayer Cart
B-Series Loader
Rear Sprayer
Add-On Hydrolift
Pow'rMax Backhoe
Rear Lift Group
Adjustable Lift Rod
Snow Thrower Hitch
Sickle Bar Conversion
Kohler Oil Pressure Light
DIY Rear Weight

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What have you built for yourself?  What improvements or enhancements have you made?

This is an area  where owners can share the story and show pictures of their creative "engineering" projects...  E-mail a description and digital pictures of your "project" to me and I'll include it here.  Or, send me the regular photos and I'll scan them in -- email me for my home address. Restored tractors (though a major project, for sure) are best included in the Gallery.  

Adjustable Seat.  Photos showing a set of go-cart seat adjusters installed on my Allis-Chalmers "hybrid" HB-216.

Dollies, Toolbox & More.  These pictures show some of the ingenious things that Brian Brinklow has made for his Allis-Chalmers 720s and his workshop where he keeps these beauties going.

Sicklebar Swathboard.  CAD drawings of the original 46" sicklebar's wooden swathboard, steel mounting bracket and divider rod.  Use these to make replacements for your missing, broken or rotted swathboard.

Rear Loader Mount.  These are pictures and dimensional drawings of the factory rear mount for the loader's subframe.  This mount should fit any hydrostatic or variable speed Sovereign-class tractor  (Allis-Chalmers B-112 or Simplicity 3012 or later).  It may fit 7000- or 7100-series Simplicity or 700- or 900-series Allis-Chalmers gear transmission tractors.  It will not fit early gear-drive tractors as the B-10 or Landlord 101.

Simply Shocking? is Britt Storkson's story of converting his Simplicity to a computer-controlled generator-powered tractor. 

Variable to Hydro #1 is the story of replacing the variable speed transmission in my Allis-Chalmers B-210 with a much newer Sundstrand hydrostatic transmission from a A-C 7016H. Both Sam Ericson (below) and I tackled these renovations at about the same time and shared many ideas with each other during the process.

Variable to Hydro #2 is Sam Ericson's story of replacing a the variable speed transmission in an B-112 with a Sundstrand hydro.  Sam used the hydro from an Allis-Chalmers 917, and incorporated it's hydraulic lift, powered by the hydro drive pump.  He simultaneously upgraded to a newer 16HP Briggs & Stratton engine. 

Spout Motor is Doug Byam's story of the modifications necessary to use an aftermarket electric motor to rotate the spout of the 52" snowthrower on his Simplicity 4041.

Making 1 of 2 is my story of building a Big Ten out of two parts tractors.  It is NOT a restoration, but more of a resurrection, since I was building it to work, not show.

Ark 900 Restoration is Doug Byam's article, Restoring and Maintaining the Simplicity/Ark System 900 Loader.

Stack Muffler is Brad Wies' directions for adding an upright, Farmall Cub muffler to the old Briggs & Stratton cast iron single-cylinder engines.

Flange Puller is Dan Poeppelman's simple, yet clever idea for a "tool" to pull the flange off the bevel gear box.

SunStar Loader is pictures of Scott Wood's now-completed project of building loader for his SunStar. 

B-1 Cable Lift is Roy Pope's fabrication of a new method to equally lift the mower deck on his B-1, since the original lift picked up one side several inches higher than the other.

Magneto to Coil is Ken William's description of converting the Briggs & Stratton engine in his Simplicity 725 from a magneto system to an external, automotive-type coil ignition system. 

Sprayer Cart is Chad Shafer's story of fabricating a trailer-mounted sprayer for spraying liquid fertilizers, weed killers, etc.

B-Series Loader is pictures of Marshall Hinson's project to build a front-end loader for his Big Ten.  

Sprayer is Sam Ericson's easy DIY project to add a rear mount for a pressure sprayer.

Add-On Hydrolift is Rich Paquette's story of adding an external hydraulic lift cylinder to replace the leaking original internal lift cylinder on his 1964 Landlord.

Pow'rMax Backhoe is a status report on Paul Kjorlie's ambitious project to design and build a backhoe from scratch.... I think you'll be impressed at progress to date!

Rear Lift  is a set of Brent Baumer's drawings to fabricate the upper hitch point of the rear hitch, called the Rear Lift Group in the Simplicity documents. 

Adjustable Lift Rod is Herb "Dutch" Niewender's description of fabricating an adjustable-length front lift rod for Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers.

Snow Thrower Hitch is Herb "Dutch" Niewender's story of fabricating a snow thrower hitch that used his 7012's center PTO, instead of the front PTO.  He also used a Kubota snowthrower on it . . .

The Sickle Bar Conversion describes the parts and modifications necessary to convert a Simplicity sickle bar mower to use standard farm implement rockguards and sickle sections.

Onan Alternative is Stan Somers' story of replacing the Onan CCKA engine in his Simplicity 4040 with a Briggs & Stratton 16HP L-head Magnetron IC engine.

The Kohler Oil Pressure Light is the parts list and procedure to install a low oil pressure warning light on the OHC Kohler twin-cylinder engine in a new Sovereign.

DIY Counterweight is my story of pouring an inexpensive concrete rear counterweight for adding extra traction.





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