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Explore some of the parts sources, resources and tips that club members have provided. 

Simplicity now offers many of their Owner's Manuals and Parts Manuals on-line for free downloading, in .PDF format.  Click HERE to visit.

The L-12 Loader Parts section has exploded parts diagrams for the Allis-Chalmers L-12 Loader for B-series tractors.  Since these loaders are so desirable, I thought perhaps the original parts diagrams plus the dimensions and specifications could aid those who might try to fabricate their own loader.

The Rotary Tiller Parts section has exploded parts diagrams for Allis-Chalmers rotary tillers and tiller drives (i.e. rear PTOs) for B-series tractors.  

The Snowthrower Parts section has exploded parts diagrams for Allis-Chalmers Snow Throwers for B-Series tractors.

Facts About Belts is Allis-Chalmers dealer product information to educate the salespeople and their customers on garden tractor belts.

The Parts X-Ref is a complete cross-reference of Simplicity part numbers to Allis-Chalmers part numbers, as of 1982.  A-C owners should use the Search function above to find the corresponding Simplicity part number.

A-C Seat Cushions shows pictures of the reproduction A-C B-series seat cushions that club secretary, Mary Gearheart, makes and sells.

The Belt Reference is a 19-page reference to find the correct OEM belt for your 1981 or earlier Simplicity tractor, tractor implement, snowthrower, or lawnmower. It also provides belt length and cross section dimensions.

The Engine Reference lists Engine Model and Type Number for 1957 through 1981 Simplicity tractors and powered implements.  It is also valuable to Simplicity owners to determine the year(s) of manufacture for their tractors.

The Manuals page describes how to obtain manuals for your tractor.  It  is one member's testimonial about ordering a complete set of manuals for his "new, old tractor" directly from Simplicity.  I strongly recommend you try them first!  I did...

Salvage Yards provides a list of garden tractor salvage yards located all around the country, provided by club members.  

The Drawings section includes line drawings of a few hard to find or no longer available (NLA) parts and attachments, as requested by club members.




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