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Now over 7 years old and still growing, Simple trACtors has firmly established its own "name recognition" and can help you do the same.  The site gets thousands of visitors each day and has consistently earned a TrustGauge ranking of #3 in the Outdoor Power Equipment category for the entire web.  It consistently shows up in the Top 10 on major search engines for the most relevant keywords. 

As an example of the traffic and referral power it provides, these are the actual Google Adsense site statistics for the entire calendar year 2005. 

Page impressions (annual)  1,643,087
Page impressions (daily average) 4,501
Advertising click-throughs (annual) 50,020
Advertising click-throughs (daily average) 137
Click-through percentage (or rate, usually called CTR) 3.04%

Note that the Google Adsense click-thoughs, summarized above, does not include those referrals for our dedicated advertisers, whose button ads appear on the right border.   Those advertisers will have the same statistics for page impressions, but their click-throughs are being tracked separately (and aren't counted in the statistics above) by a site-specific advertising management system.  This system shuffles the ads and tracks them for both the advertisers and the site administrators, having tracked over 75,000 other (non Adsense) click-throughs to date. 

For only $30 a month (6-month minimum ad run) you can place a graphic button on the right sidebar (like those you see here) linked to one full page ad or one page of backup material of your choice.  This button will appear on most pages of the site, so visitors will repeatedly see your logo and have the opportunity to link to your full-page ad.  Of course, from there they could link to your site, send an E-mail inquiry or whatever action is appropriate.

For only $25 a month (6-month minimum ad run) you can place a graphic button on the right sidebar linked directly to your site or to send an E-mail (NO backup ad or material).

Place your ad for one year and receive additional discounts! 

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