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What Attachments Fit Your Tractor?

Use the following tables to determine which 1981-or-earlier attachments will fit your  Simplicity tractor.   The Simplicity section is far more comprehensive, but the Allis-Chalmers section is valuable for AC Product Numbers, among other things.  Since most attachments will interchange, if you own an Allis-Chalmers you can determine the equivalent Simplicity tractor using the Model Cross-Reference Table.  Note that there is NO Simplicity equivalent to AC 300 or 400 series tractors, and you should use the Allis-Chalmers tables below.  

NOTE:  The Simplicity tables, like all Simplicity information, require the use of Manufacturer Number.

TIP:  You can also use "Search This Site" to search the entire website to find all references to a specific Model Number or Manufacturer Number.  The correct page(s) from the Attachment Cross Reference will look something like:   atch_(pg4).htm 


Simplicity Information
Section I Rotary Lawn Mowers
Section II Vacuum Collectors, Adapters, Grass Collectors 
Section III  Rotary Snow Throwers
Section IV Snow Plows, Dozer & Grader Blades
Section V Rotary Tillers
Section VI Lawn Revitalizers  
Section VII Sickle Bars and Weedcutters
Section VIII Plows, Cultivators & Harrows  

Allis-Chalmers Information
A-C Guide Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Attachments Usage Guide
Homesteader 8 Homesteader 8 Adapters
400 Series 400 Series Adapters
300 Series  300 Series Adapters



1. Locate the attachment you are concerned with by description and Mfg. No 2. Locate the power unit you are trying to mount the attachment on by description and Mfg. No.* 3. Read across from the power unit to the remarks section to find what is required to make the attachment fit the power unit.
* If you cannot find the power unit you are concerned with, this means the attachment will not fit the power unit in question.

[Source:  Simplicity Cross Reference  Information, 1981, courtesy of Bob Tiarks and Dave Christensen]





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