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WARNING: Some old links in the pages to the right may be broken, as the site has been revised over time . . .

1 Sep 2003 Updated the History page that Les Kreifel has compiled, added a lot of new details.
10 Aug 2003 Added Mark Leaming's Allis 310, Mike Soule's Allis B-1, Bob Boessel's Simplicity 4041, Jon Slaton's Landlord 101, Jim Hanna's Allis 620 and Thomas Thomas' 4040 and 4012 to the Gallery.  Updated Dave Christensen's Model 700 page in the Gallery.  Added Photo Galleries of the 3rd Rhinelander Club Picnic and the 2003 Orange MA Show.  Revised Home Page to show the new "Excellent Site" award from Antique Tractors Resource Page.  Other minor edits.
24 May 03 Added Tony Wiskas B-10, Brent Baumer's "HB-916", Jacob Derenne's Broadmoor 727, Jeff Ross's pair of 9020s, and Bob Gooding's collection to the Gallery.
1 Apr 03 Added Brian Collins restored Landlord 101 and Dick Raymond's new Regent to the Gallery.
23 Feb 03 Added Bob Roltgen's Simplicity 2210 with 515 Loader, Mike Kurtzweil's 1973 Broadmoor 728, and Sam Ayer's Deutz-Allis 919 Puller to the Gallery. 
22 Jan 03 Updated the History section.
18 Jan 03 Added some of Brian Brinklow's great accessories for the AC 720/PowrMax in the Do-It-Yourself section.  Added Chuck Fitzpatrick's B-1, B-12 and B-207 to the Gallery.
8 Jan 03 Added Barry Orbash's Homelite T-8 and Lewis McDanel's Simplicity 3212H to the Gallery. 
29 Dec 02 Added two additional sections to the Allis-Chalmers Implement Backfit, Blades and Kit Breakdown that lists the parts and part numbers in each kit.
28 Dec 02 Added 1965 magazine ad to the Simplicity Ads & Flyers section, courtesy of Kraig McConaughey.  Added Snowthrowers to the Allis-Chalmers Implement Backfit Reference.
26 Dec 02 Added a 1981 Kit Info section to What Fits, courtesy of Bob Tiarks. 
14 Dec 02 Updated club Vice-President Les Kriefel's Unofficial History of Simplicity Garden Tractors.  Added John Peluso's brand-new 2002 Prestige and Jay Simanski's original 1964 Broadmoor 707 to the Gallery.
13 Dec 02 Replaced the Live Chat function in the Clubhouse with a new version of the Adventia Chat Server, due to problems with certain browsers.
10 Dec 02 Added the functions for club members to purchase a Simple trACtors email account, or to make donations to support the site/clubhouse.  Continued to resolve minor problems with the new clubhouse version.
5 Dec 02 Replaced the built-in FrontPage 2002 search component with a Google site search.  This site has simply outgrown the capabilities of the FP component to function reliably.



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