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This “Groundsaw” kit is completely assembled ready for mounting. Pump, all hoses, controls and motors are assembled and mounted. It mounts with a pin and a bolt. Hook up two belts, adjust tension on these belts, and it is ready to operate. All controls are mounted on the kit directly.


Hydraulic pump is mounted on kit and so are two hydraulic motors and all controls, with all connections factory tight and hydraulic system factory sealed. Hydraulic valve control to trenching motor with forward and reverse positions. Traction motor controls have forward and reverse position. A pressure sensing valve regulates forward speed automatically for top efficiency. Preset release valves on each circuit control shock loads and avoids down time. Oil reservoir equipped with easily serviced filter and is mounted to the kit. Use type A automatic transmission oil. Reasonable operating pressures used.

TRENCHING CHAIN (All Carbide Tipped)

The “Groundsaw” trencher is designed with a new high speed trenching chain. The tooth design makes it possible to dig in solid frozen earth and, therefore, with relative ease in normal soil conditions. Carbide teeth on all trenching chains are standard equipment with the “Groundsaw” and never require sharpening. They are permanently welded to the chain, no bolts or rivets.


The boom is pivoted and can swing in a horizontal ninety degree arc. This trailing action makes it possible to dig in a circle. Standard depth is 30 inches, with extension to 36 inches available. Can be supplied in trench width of 2½, 3 and 4 inches, on special orders, 6” width. 24” recommended maximum depth. Two-way hydraulic cylinder for depth control.


When used with the Allis-Chalmers dozer blade, makes an ideal unit for back filling and packing the trench. With the hydraulic control on the tractor drive there is no stopping for clutching and shifting gears as the control can be used for either forward ~r reverse, making it an ideal operation for dozing. The special front counterweight which is standard equipment can be used with the dozer blade. Many contractors find the cost of hand back filling is greater than the cost of digging the trench. The small rubber tired unit can operate on anyone’s lawn.




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