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L-12 hydraulic loader
for Allis-Chalmers lawn and garden tractors

The all-hydraulic Allis-Chalmers L-12 loader is ideally suited for light commercial and farm use. It handles four cubic feet of loose material at a time . . . lifts 300 pounds to a height of more than five feet . . . has 500 pounds of breakout force to give you a full bucket every time.

The loader main frame is attached to a sub-frame mounted on the tractor, making it easy to remove the loader when you want the tractor for another job. Center mounted equipment can be used on the tractor without removing the loader.

Hydraulic reservoir is built into the frame for protection and maximum cooling of oil. Combination hydraulic pump and two-spool control valve is belt driven from the front PTO of tile tractor. Alignment problems are eliminated because there's no direct coupling to PTO shaft.

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l-12_line.jpg (37069 bytes)


Breakout force

500 lbs.

Lifting capacity to full height

300 lbs.

Clearance at full height


Maximum dumping angle at full height


Clearance with bucket dumped 45


Reach with bucket dumped 45


Reach with bucket on the ground


Digging depth below ground level


Cycle time:


3-1/2 seconds



2-1/2 seconds



2 seconds

Bucket width


Heaped capacity

4 cu. ft.

Bucket and lift control


Hydraulic system:


Pump capacity

1-1/2 GPM @ 2000 RPM


Relief valve setting

1500 PSI


Hydraulic cylinders (bore/stroke/ rod diameter)


Bucket, double acting

1-3/4" x 9" x 3/4"


Lift, single acting

1-1/4" x 12" x 1-1/4"


Reservoir capacity

2-1/2 qts.


Oil filter

40 micron element

Shipping weight

353 lbs.

Allis-Chalmers reserves the right to make changes or add improvements to these specifications without notice or obligation.



Source: Allis-Chalmers sales/spec sheet, OPE-1016, courtesy of Del Allen





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