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Moldboard Plow
Springtooth Harrow

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moldboard plow and spring tooth harrow

for Allis-Chalmers lawn and garden tractors

Moldboard Plow

Spring Tooth Harrow
Allis-Chalmers 10" moldboard plow is free-floating and free-swinging,  This means it follows ground contours -- plowing at a constant depth throughout the field. Plowing depth is easily set by a simple, built-in adjustment on the plow.  Coulter assembly adjusts from left to right, or vertically, to fit ground conditions.  Plow is solidly constructed oh high-quality, hardened steel.  Hitch adapter is standard equipment.Allis-Chalmers spring tooth harrow loosens and levels soil...provides a smooth, even seedbed. Seven adjustable spring teeth are mounted in a staggered pattern. . .have a vibrating action that helps break up lumps of dirt.  Lower attaching linkage is adjustable -- lets you change angle of teeth to control penetration.  Two adjustable skid shoes regulate depth.  Harrow attaches to drawbar and lift linkage.
Adjustable plowing depth


Working width44" maximum
Plowing width10"Depth of cutAdjusts from 1-3/4" to 3"
Size of rolling coulter11-1/2"Number of teeth7
Clearance in transport position6"Teeth patternStaggered
Plow blade replaceableYesTooth spacingAdjustable
Type of hitchPin typeTooth angleAdjustable
Overall width19"Type of hitchThree-point
Overall length40"Transport clearance3"
Overall height22-1/2"Tool bar width42"
Shipping weight76 lbs.Shipping weight88 lbs.



Source: AC Brochure, 1018A/0168, (1968?) courtesy of Dave Sigmund




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