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  Big lawn jobs become little when you hitch up a Trail-N-Spray equipped with 4148 Boom.




Luscious fruit is yours the easy way with Trail-N-Spray.


Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn and Garden
— Save Time and Work on a
Dozen Jobs the Year ‘Round

Hitch a Hudson power sprayer to your tractor! No other attachment is so useful, so rewarding the year ‘round! Here’s why;

The big job - lawn care - becomes routine. In less time than it takes to mow, you can spray your entire lawn, killing weeds and crabgrass. Use it also for lawn insects or diseases applying liquid fertilizer. It’s easy, quick, effective.

But that’s only a start. In spring, you’ll apply dormant spray to kill over-wintering pests — give shrubs, trees a healthy start.

During the growing season you’ll protect your fruit and shade trees, flowers and shrubs . . . got rid of annoying mosquitoes and flies from your outdoor living area.

You’ll spray-feed plants through their leaves . . . fertilize trees and shrubs right at root level. You’ll power-wash and disinfect kennels, stables, trash cant . . . sterilize soil and gravel drives . . . paint with whitewash and cold water paints.



This is America’s most popular yard and garden sprayer — now adapted to hitch to all tractors. Just hitch it up — and you’re ready to roll, to spray anything from the lawn to 25-foot trees. Holds 12½ gallons, handles any sprayable material, including whitewash, sprays at pressures adjustable from 20 up to 150 lbs. for long-range or penetrating force. To maintain uniform mix,
mechanical agitator in tank keeps spray material mixed. Built for long service. Efficient piston pump has brass plunger cylinder, nylon and stainless valves. Tank is premium quality galvanized steel. Four-cycle, 2-horse-power engine has recoil starter. Unit is complete with 20 feet of Kern-Oil “250” hose and full-size brass power gun, adjustable for any spray from mist to long-range;
with disc and long-distance nozzle. Big 12½ X 1¾-inch wheels stay on the turf. Tubular handle — easy to move sprayer or use without tractor. Accessories listed on other page.

No. 42254 SUBURBAN TRAIL-N-SPRAY Sprayer. In carton, 94 lbs.


[Source:  Brochure from A-C Dealer Sales Binder, date unknown, courtesy of Ed England and Sam Ericson]



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