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Increase your tractor's versatility with these rugged attachments.

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1_mowers.jpg (65080 bytes)

1. 36," 42" and 48" rotary mowers.  Deep decks allow extra large volume of air for broad dispersion of clippings and mulch. High-velocity air flow reduces clogging and underdeck buildup. Height settings adjust easily between 1-1/2" and 3-1/2" approximately.  Mower deck attached directly, to pivoting front axle means anti-scalp mowing even on rough, hilly terrain.  Strong 12-gauge steel construction.

2_vac_blower.jpg (46308 bytes)

2. New deck-mounted vac blower.  Makes grass collection easy, economical. Powered directly off drive systems of 600 and T800 Series tractors.  No separate PTO-power or engine-power required.  Can be used with inexpensive twin grass catcher or cart collector. 

3_dump_cart.jpg (75442 bytes)

3. Wide mouth dump carts & vacuum collector.  Large 30 or 50 bu. capacity with commercial style covers. Wide rear design allows easy dumping.  With optional roving nozzle gets into window wells and hard-to-reach places. PTO-driven on 900 Series, engine driven on T-800 and 600 Series. 10-bushel and 17-bushel carts can be used independently.

4_bagger.jpg (51475 bytes)

4. Mounted compact vac collector.  Goes around trees and shrubs easily to collect cuttings and leaves. Holds 12 bushels. Convenient side zipper for emptying. Mounts at rear of 900 Series tractors. PT0-driven.

5_baggers.jpg (50623 bytes)

5. Deluxe twin-hopper grass catcher. Holds an honest six bushels of clippings. Easy on, easy off hoppers accept standard trash can liners. Inspection door lets you check hoppers while seated. Fits all 30" and 36" mowers. Also fits 42" mowers for 600 and T-800 Series when used with deck-mounted vac blower. 

6_bagger.jpg (51120 bytes)

6. All-purpose cart-collector. 10 bushel capacity. Use with any 36' mower, or 42" and 48" mowers on 600 and T-800 Series with deck-mounted vac blower. Complete with rugged dual hitch, chute and adapter. Dumps easily by releasing simple latch. Cart may be used independently. 

7_dethatcher.jpg (93875 bytes)

7. Lawn dethatcher attachment.  Mounts front of 600 or T800 Series tractors.  Spring coil tines work up thatch and debris for easy removal.

8_snowthrower.jpg (52317 bytes)

8. Snow throwers. 36" and 42" widths. Spout with adjustable deflector rotates 230 manually or electrically (optional) from operator's seat. Adjustable skid shoes. Fits 600, T800 and 900 Series.

9_tiller.jpg (71706 bytes)

9. 30" and 36' rotary tillers.  High carbon, high strength steel tines break up the toughest soil, till straight ahead with no trash buildup. Chain and sprocket drive transfers power efficiently. For T800 and 900 Series.

10_dozer.jpg (75128 bytes)

10. Adjustable dozer blades.  42" and 46" blades angle up to 30 left or right. Raise from the operator's seat to provide almost 12" of clearance. With adjustable skid shoes and reversible scraper bar. For 600, T800 and 900 Series.

11_sweeper.jpg (79585 bytes)

11. 31" and 38" rotary trailing sweepers. Mount at rear of 900, T800 or 600 Series tractors. Sweep clippings and debris into easy dump hopper.

3-piece garden tool kit/electric lift. Value-packed kit has all you need for thorough seedbed preparation. Includes sleeve hitch adapter, and common toolbar for mounting a 10" moldboard plow, disk harrow or 5-shank cultivator. Optional electric lift positions attachments at the flip of a switch, to save time and labor. For T800 and 900 Series. 

Allied attachments. A variety of proven implements and attachments from allied manufacturers are available, specially designed for Deutz-Allis tractors. Included are disk harrows, rotary brooms and sweepers, sprayers, trailing rakes, roller/aerators, rear scoops, fertilizer spreaders, flail or gang mowers, and vegetable planters. Vinyl cabs are now available for 600, T-800 and 900 Series tractors.

[Source:  Deutz-Allis catalog, LAWN & GARDEN RIDING EQUIPMENT, Form No. OP 1569-8702, Feb 1987]




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