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16 h.p. Garden Tractor with 48" mower

These two hard-working garden tractors deliver value far beyond their 12.5 and 16 hp ratings.  Reliable Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder industrial/commercial engines combined with a rugged cast iron transaxle give them ample power for difficult work. Conveniently located controls let you handle any job with little effort. Rugged design keeps them ready to go day after day, year after year.  Deutz-Allis has engineered in a long list of features to make the T-800 Series an outstanding tractor.

1. Power to spare. Quality Briggs & Stratton industrial/commercial engines-a 16-hp twin cylinder version in the T-816 and new 12.5 hp twin-cylinder engine in the T-813-deliver plenty of power for difficult garden chores. Cast iron cylinder liners, hardened stellite valves, seats and valve rotators assure long life. Dual-element air cleaner provides better engine protection. Magnetron solid-state ignition, for sure starting and low maintenance, has 5-year warranty.

2. Unique Vari-Shift transaxle drive. Affords infinitely variable control of forward speeds from 0.6 to 5.5 mph and 2.4 to 4.4 mph in reverse within three forward ranges and one reverse. System allows PTO speed to remain constant while ground speed is varied, without clutching, by one convenient lever. Automatically adjusts to highest torque position under heavy loads. Sturdy cast-iron transaxle is designed for long life under toughest conditions.

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3. Exclusive controlled traction. Power is automatically transferred to the rear wheel ~with the best traction. Keeps you moving through slippery conditions.

4. Tilt-up hood. Hold tilts forward, seat deck tilts back, affording easy accessibility to engine, battery and other components for routine maintenance.

5. Anti-scalp mower. Oscillates with front axle over any terrain. Rollers mounted across rear of deck follow ground contours for a beautiful lawn grooming job.

6. New safety seat. Adjustable, high-back, cushioned spring suspension seat is standard.  For safety, operator must be seated and tractor in neutral before engine will start.  Engine huts off automatically if operator leaves the seat.

Power take-off. Convenient rear PTO eliminates need for a separate engine or complicated adapter kit to power the tiller attachment. Quick-Hitch system permits simple, fast hookup of front, center or rear attachments.

Stress-absorbing frame, axle. One-piece solid channel box steel frame and tough 1" x 3" steel axle give you strength that holds up in heavy duty service year after year.  

New Deck-Mounted Vacuum boosts discharge to grass catchers inexpensively.

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t-813_tiller.jpg (74256 bytes)

12.5 h.p. Garden Tractor with 30" Tiller

Model  Engine 




Tires Gas Tank Length  Height Width Radius Weight
T-816  Briggs & Stratton industrial commercial


16  Variable speed gear drive, 3 ranges forward, 1 reverse


15 x 6.00-6(F)
23 x 10.50-12(R)
2.2 gals. 67"  41.4" 38"   24"

608 lbs

T-813 Briggs & Stratton industrial commercial


12.5  Variable speed gear drive, 3 ranges forward, 1 reverse


15 x 6.00-6(F)
23 x 6.50-12(R)
2.2 gals. 67" 41.4" 35" 24"

563 lbs.

[Source:  Deutz-Allis catalog, LAWN & GARDEN RIDING EQUIPMENT, Form No. OP 1569-8702, Feb 1987]




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