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1900 Series Attachments

A great selection of proven performance-matched attachments and implements for your 1900 Series "Ultima" tractor. 

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1_pto_shaft.jpg (55796 bytes)

1. New positive PTO shaft drive. A big tractor feature that few other garden tractors offer. Front, center and rear mounted attachments all are shaft-driven, eliminating slippage and tension problems plus frequent maintenance associated with belts. Makes hook-up quick and easy. 

2_pto_switch.jpg (73255 bytes)

2. PTO Power? Just flip switch. Electric clutch PTO power for front or center mounted attachments. Optional rear PTO (engine rpm) is available for rear attachments. For safety, PTO power automatically disengages when operator leaves tractor seat. Category "0" 3-point hitch is optional. Combined with optional 2000 rpm rear PTO, allows hookup of companion implements. 

3_maneuvering.jpg (58952 bytes)

3. Superior maneuvering. "Dual-Poise" front axle design, effortless steering and hydrostatic drive provide outstanding operator control, tractor stability and an amazing 26" turning radius.

4_hydro_lift.jpg (34255 bytes)

4a_aux_hydro.jpg (29844 bytes)

4. Hydraulic implement control. Single lever control lets you raise or lower front, center or rear implements with finger-tip ease. No additional hydraulics required. 4A. Special auxiliary hydraulic kit with second control lever and front remote outlets for dual-function implements.

5_weight_carrier.jpg (13262 bytes)

5. Improve performance and traction with a choice of weight carriers. Available for front or rear. These weights let you outclass other garden tractors with performance comparable to compacts.

6_rotary_mowers.jpg (68168 bytes)

6a_mowing_height.jpg (58335 bytes)

6. 42", 48" and 60" rotary mowers. The Deutz-Allis deep-deck design with high velocity air flow provides superb cutting even in difficult conditions, plus broad dispersion of clippings. Discharge chute is spring mounted for easy transport and storage. Mower deck attaches directly to "Dual-Poise" pivoting front axle. 60" deck comes with an extra set of anti-scalp rollers on the front sides for a smooth cut in rolling terrains. 6A. Mowing height adjusts from 1" to 4" with little effort. Hydraulic implement lift lever raises mower for transport or easy adjustment of height control lever.

7_frame_vac.jpg (58402 bytes)

7. Frame-mounted compact vac collector. Easily goes around trees and shrubs to collect cuttings and leaves. Holds 8 bushels. Pivots 180 for effortless dumping. Can be used with 8-bushel trash bags. Mounts at rear of tractor, use with rear engine speed PTO, and vacuum collector. 

8_cart_vac.jpg (67913 bytes)

8. Wide mouth dump carts & vacuum collector. Choose 10 bu. or 17 bu. easy-dump carts. 'team either cart with our vac collector and commercial type covers to get 30 or 50 bushel capacities. You vacuum longer without emptying. Dumps easily when you release a simple latch. Designed wider at the rear for quick dumping. Drives off tractor's engine speed PTO. 

9_rotary_tiller.jpg (20690 bytes)

9. 38" rotary tiller with slip clutch. High-carbon, high-strength steel tines break up the toughest soil, till straight ahead with no trash buildup. Chain and sprocket drive transfers power efficiently from engine speed PTO on tractor. 

10_dozer_blade.jpg (13945 bytes)

10. Adjustable 46" dozer blade. Angles up to 30 left or right. Raise from the operator's seat to provide almost 12" of clearance. With J, adjustable skid shoes and reversible scraper bar.  Hydraulic blade also available. 

11_snowthrowers.jpg (40934 bytes)

11. Snowthrowers. 42" single-stage (pictured) or 46" two-stage with power auger and powered impeller. Adjustable chute rotates 230 from operator's seat. Complete with skid shoes and hitch assembly. Optional electric chute rotator available. 

12_loader.jpg (75305 bytes)

12. Superior loader with your choice of 38" or 48" bucket. Standard 2-lever control and self-contained hydraulic system. Lift capacity up to 400 lbs. Mounting is fully compatible with mower decks. 

New inexpensive deck-mounted vac blower and 17 bu. wide body cart collector is now available for all 1900 Series tractors. 

Allied attachments. Choose from a variety of companion implements and attachments, specially designed for Deutz-Allis Ultima tractors. These include: 10" moldboard plow, disk harrows; rotary brooms; sweepers; sprayers; trailing rakes; roller/aerators; rear scoops; fertilizer spreaders; flail or gang mowers; vegetable planters; and vinyl and hard cabs.

[Source:  Deutz-Allis catalog, LAWN & GARDEN RIDING EQUIPMENT, Form No. OP 1569-8702, Feb 1987]





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