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See Rich Paquette's external hydraulic lift cylinder.  This may be of real value to those trying to retrofit hydraulic lift to their tractor's existing manual lift... 

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I have been trying to replace the leaking hydrolift cylinder on my 64 Landlord for a while now. So I came up with this idea, I found an old cylinder at work and fab'ed some brackets to make it mount along the side of the tractor. Then i ran new hoses from the original pump assembly.  It works really well and doesn't come close to my leg at all.  Best of all, it is easy to access unlike the original one.  This could be an option for someone who would like to convert to hydrolift.  Also the rear lift works as good as before.  The cylinder i used is a little long for this but for this setup it doesn't really matter, unlike replacing the original one were there isn't any room... 





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