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This fabricated lift rod is intended to raise and lower front mounted implements, such as a snow blade, snow thrower, etc.

    Figure 1

    Rod is fabricated from an 9/16" diameter copper clad steel electrical ground rod. Such rods are available at any electrical supply house or home improvement store. The copper coating prevents the rod from rusting. The 32" length permits this single rod to be used with different implements.

    Figure 2

    Rod was heated and bent 90 degrees, cut off to appropriate length, and a hole drilled to accept a hairpin clip. This end of the rod goes through the hole of the tractor lift arm.

    Figure 3

    A sliding sleeve was fabricated from a short piece of common 1/2" water pipe. The pipe hole may need to be enlarged slightly. I used a 9/16" Silver/Deeming drill, but a reamer would work as well.

    A hole was drilled in one side of the pipe and a nut was welded over the hole. A bolt was heated and bent 90 degrees, and screwed into the welded nut. When tightened, the bolt prevents the sleeve from sliding on the rod. Another bolt was welded to the other side of the pipe, and a hole drilled to accept a hairpin clip. This bolt goes through the hole in the implement lift arm.

    The rod can be bent and/or the length modified to fit any tractor. If a spring loaded rod is desired, springs and collars can easily be added without changing the basic design.

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Figure 1

rodend.jpg (34603 bytes)
Figure 2

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Figure 3




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