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Here are some pictures of the installation of seat adjusters (sliders) that you might find helpful.  My 11 year old son has a difficult time reaching the clutch/brake pedal on "his" HB-216 (B-210 with Sundstrand and 16HP Briggs).  I've been looking for affordable, small seat adjusters for quite a while.  The ones I've found for cars are far too long.  I "took a chance" and ordered a pair, site unseen, from Northern Tool that are designed for go-cart seats. I just installed them, and am quite pleased with the results.   While the adjusters themselves allow 7" of travel, the way I have them installed only allows 6".  But, that is quite enough to get him close enough to reach the pedal.  Especially if you have a youngster, you may want to consider such a mod.

Here is the seat adjuster on Northern Tool's site.  Here's some photos of the adjusters installed. 

Click each picture for a closer view

The front of the tracks are mounted using the stock rubber cushion mounts.  The rear of the tracks are mounted directly to the seat pan, using short stove bolts, to keep the height as low as possible.  This picture shows the height -- it's about 1" higher than stock at the front, and about stock height at the rear.

Since I have tractor disassembled, I carried the seat deck outside for pictures.  Before sanding and painting, I wanted to drill all holes, and trial fit everything.  I also installed a new set of aftermarket replacement seat cushions from Sandy Lake Implement.

This shows the location of the rear of the slider with the seat all the way back.  The bottom seat cushion has three blind nut inserts installed on each side to mount the seat to the frame.  I used the front two to mount the seat the frame.  The front one also mounts the front of the seat to the top slider rail.  I used two 1/8" nylon washers between the slider rail and the seat frame to provide clearance for the head of the bolt that's used in the center hole.  I didn't use the rear hole at all, since I wanted the seat frame to sit directly on the top slider rail, if possible.  With the two thick washers at the front, and only a machine washer at the rear, the seat sits slightly at an angle on the slider rail.

This shows the seat slid forward, and you can see how the rear of the bottom slider rail is bolted directly to the rear fenders/seat pan, using one of the short stove bolts provided.  It also shows how I fabricated a mounting bracket to hold the rear of the seat to top slider rail.  I only had to drill one hole on each side to mount the slider rail, about 1.5" behind the last of the original row of adjustment holes.  Here's another view from the rear.  I could not drill a hole in the top slider rail to fasten it to the rear of the seat, since a bolt would have interfered with the movement.  Instead, I made a short bracket on each side out of 1" wide 1/4" bar stock, bending it in the vise and shaping it to fit.  It bolts to the rear mounting hole in the slider rail, and through existing holes in seat frame uprights.

This closeup shows the brackets I made and how they're mounted to the top slider rail with stove bolts.  I need to remove these brackets and paint them.  Once reinstalled, I'll use shorter stove bolts, or cut off the excess. Here's a view of the seat pan/fenders sitting on the disassembled tractor, with the seat full forward, so you can picture how far forward the seat moves.

Now the youngster can reach the pedals with no problem!



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