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Marshall Hinson has finished his loader, and provided this update.  The original information is at the bottom of the page, and each update has been added to the top of the page....

Well Kent, I have finally finished my project of making a loader. Believe it or not it works! The only weight that I have lifted up with it is my daughter, she weighs 65 lbs. I have also applied down pressure and lifted the front of the tractor off the ground. It also digs in the ground pretty good. The only bad thing about my loader is that the bottom of the bucket only raises as high as the hood of the tractor, but for just doing yard work its great. I would like to go in to business making custom attachments for all kinds of tractors. I really enjoy your website, it has helped me a lot in making my loader.

Marshall Hinson

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Note the hydraulic pump is located behind the motor

Marshall provided this update on June 18, 2001:

About two months ago I was heading to work and I noticed a old riding mower for sale along with other lawn equipment, so I stopped to check it out. The lawn tractor was painted black and I did'nt know why. Then an old man came out and said he wanted $300 for it. I asked him if he would trade for a 18hp Dynamark mower. He said bring it over so I can look at it. So it ended up a done deal. Little did he know that underneath that ugly black spray paint was the name Allis Chalmers/ Big Ten. Later on after I made the trade I found your web site through search engines and was amazed that they used to make loaders for the Big Ten. So of course I wanted to make one for mine. Well I purchased all the steel to make it at a scrap yard for $30 and only spent about $25 dollars on the hydraulic components. I still need to buy the hoses and fittings for it. I also found a blade for it that I had to make changes to in order for it to fit. Other things that I did were making a vertical muffler pipe and mounting head lights. Here are some more pics. Love your site. I hope it hangs around as long as these lawn tractors have.

Your friend,
Marshall Hinson

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Here's his original info

I love your site! I have joined your club recently, I traded an old Dynamark 18 hp for the Big Ten that is in the pictures I have sent. I am currently making a home made loader for it.
Talk to you later,



Click each picture for a closer view

mh_loader1.jpg (31874 bytes)

mh_loader2.jpg (88919 bytes)

mh_loader3.jpg (72118 bytes)

mh_loader4.jpg (88593 bytes)

mh_loader5.jpg (88828 bytes)

mh_bigten2.jpg (33974 bytes)




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