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Paul Kjorlie is in the process of building a backhoe for his Pow'rMax "from scratch" based on his own design.  He's spent countless design hours, and now is in the process of assembly of the fabricated parts.  Here's some photos showing his current progress.  We'll provide more updates, I hope, as he completes this ambitious project.  So far, it looks incredibly well done!


Click each picture for a closer view

The picture shows the hoe I'm building up.  As you can see, some cylinders, valves and plumbing still need to be done.

Here is picture #2 of three.  It's a little blurry but it shows the mounting frame.

This picture shows how I modified a standard industrial seat so that it could be locked in either direction (forward or backward). I screwed 5/16" carriage bolts into the threaded inserts at the front of the seat with jam nuts to hold them in place.  At the rear of the seat I used 5/16" threaded studs in the inserts again with jam nuts. On the seat base I mounted two 1/8" x 3" flats with V-notches in to catch the heads of the carriage bolts.  When slid into position and down, the studs keep the carriage bolt heads from sliding out of the notches in the front.  The rear plate is mounted with U-bolts from a cable clamp that fasten tightly around the seat suspension spring.

pk_backhoe6.jpg (17585 bytes)

  Here it is with the cylinder and valve now mounted. 

pk_backhoe4..jpg (20551 bytes)

  And here are the controls.

pk_backhoe5.jpg (24441 bytes)




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