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 I had my boss at work make me a frame for a sprayer that had ideas on making. I have no welder and my boss is a "wiz" at making anything.   I made a list of things so if members want to make one they can.   The list is as follows:

1" by 1 " square tubing:  The frame is 15" wide and 36" long.
" rod for the axle.  I bought 3' and had 13" left after it was cut down to size. 
Tires:  I  had 2 tires and rims off a fertilizer spreader that I thew away, tire size  4.10-4
Tank: I bought a 15 gallon tank with a 1 GPM pump and hand gun.
Boom: The boom is a total of 40 inches wide with the center of the boom being 22 inches and the sides being 9 inches each.  The sides slide in flush with the center piece.  The  boom is 20 inches off the ground.
Nozzles: To hold the nozzles I bought two 1" by 1"  square tube holders that slide on the tube.  Two spring loaded filters with two stainless steel #2 Flood Jet nozzles.
Hose:  One garden hose fitting to connect the boom to the handgun.  One pressure gauge and one garden hose shut off to shut off the hand gun and agitate the spray.  Six feet of sprayer hose.
Wiring:  10 feet of black and red wire.  One switch mounted to fender on Agco 918 to shut off sprayer.  (Mounted on fender where a rear light would be mounted.  One male and female connector to connect sprayer wiring to tractor.  I ran wire from battery to ignition switch on tractor to switch on fender, and added a 10 amp fuse to the tractor ignition switch.
Paint:  One can of gloss black paint and one can of red oxide primer.

My brother-in-law helped me with the wiring and fine tuning of the sprayer.  All supplies were bought at Farm Fleet where my wife, Lisa, is a manager. I named the sprayer AC Sprayer and will make a decal later on,  My brother-in-law made a piece that hold the wiring in place with the left-over axle, by welding it on the tongue.  I hope you all like my sprayer.  I love it.  I always have ideas but don't always have the tools to do it.  A big thank you to my boss and  brother-in-law for helping me with my AC Sprayer.  I painted it with just one can of gloss black paint.

Click each picture for a closer view

First picture is of sprayer unpainted.  Second picture is painted. Third picture is rear view of 40" boom.  Fourth picture is of sprayer hitches to AGCO 918 to try it out.  One more thing -- I have less in the sprayer than you can buy one for at any farm story because I had scrap steel and the wheels (I bought everything else).  The sprayer will spray a total of 120 inches but overlapping 80 inches.   I can spray acre with less than 15 gallons of weed killer and have enough to spot spray around the house with handgun.  


See more pictures of Chad's AGCO918 in the Gallery...



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