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Do It Yourself Rear Weight

I posted this on another forum in response to the question "Will chains tear up my driveway?" and thought someone here might find it useful....

Having just spent over $5000 in September getting my asphalt driveway repaved, I had similar concerns. My "shade-tree" solution was to make my own rear concrete rear weight. I cut pieces from the angle iron of an old steel bed rail to make a 3-piece box frame that mounted in the two lower hitch points on my tractor and extended back 18". I carefully bolted it together inside a heavy-duty cardboard box that I carefully slit holes in for the angle iron to go through, leaving at least 2" of open space all around this frame (for the concrete to flow into).

I bolted a piece of an old, broken tow chain to the back of this 3-piece frame, wrapped it around a piece of rebar that I stuck through the box up next to the top (leaving about 3" sticking out on each side for handles), and then hooked it to my top, center hitch point. I stabilized the cardboard box on cinder blocks, still attached to the tractor, and poured it full of Readi-mix concrete. A few days later I peeled the cardboard box off, and Presto! -- an ugly but effective rear weight that weighs about 125 lbs and attaches in a couple of minutes using only 2 hitch pins... for the out-of-pocket cost of two bags of Readi-mix (less than $10). It's worked quite well, being so heavy that it doesn't swing/shift on the hitch, and there's been minimal wheel spinning going up my sloping driveway....

No, it's not the same color as my tractor, and it's a bit ugly, but -- "Hey, if the neighbor wants to stand outside in the snow and make fun of me while I use it -- then who's the smart one here?"

The thing I like best about the rear weight is that it removes just as quickly, once the need is for additional weight is over.  In comparison, most people that I know who use wheel weights leave them on all the time because of the hassles of putting them on and taking them off.  Installing the rear weight is a fraction of the hassle of installing one wheel weight....

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