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Check out some of these ingenious accessories that Brian Brinklow has made -- such as dollies to move the heavy attachments for an Allis-Chalmers 720 (or PowrMax)....

Let me start by saying how I have enjoyed this site over the past few years.  I have had two surgeries on my neck and therefore have been laid up from time to time -- the site has brought me hours of enjoyment.  I have sent along some pictures of some of  the things I have built for my tractors -- I have had to come up with some easier ways to handle these implements.  I would like to have these pictures posted so that some of the members might have a use for some of these ideas.  The pictures of the shop toolbox may be something that could be put in shop talk.  My computer skills are very limited so I have to rely on my children to help me.  If you would post this in the proper areas, I would appreciate it very much.  Please feel free to post any or all these pictures.  Thanks!

Brian Brinklow (BEB)

Click for a closer view


These blowers are very heavy and hard to move around once off the tractor.  The cart allows me to install and remove the blower -- very easy.


Click each picture for a closer view


As with the blower, these are very heavy and hard to move when removed. The dolly set up makes it very easy to install and remove and move around the shop.  The horizontal dolly slides in when the mower is lifted up by the tractor cables -- then lower the mower -- it now is supported by the dollies. This works great when used with the front end lift cylinder (shown below in the next series of pictures).   The mower standing upright also takes up less room for storage and makes it easier for repairs.


Click each picture for a closer view

The front cylinder lift works great when you need to raise the front of the tractor i.e., when removing and installing mower deck.  The mounting frame for the cylinder can be installed and remain on the tractor with the mower deck drive on the tractor.   When not used to mount the cylinder, I install the front weight on the same mounting points.

I hate to admit it but I have had to tow my 720's from the field.  The tow bar works great -- you do not need anyone to steer the tractor being towed. 


It is fairly hilly here so I built a roll bar and relocated the head lights.  I installed a set of four-way flashing lights, and we also installed a sun shade.


I got tired of pulling drawers on my rolling tool boxes and misplacing tools and not noticing they were gone.  I framed up a blank spot on the shop wall 4Ft X 8 Ft with 2x6.  I installed a piece of slat wall and put the hangers on the slat wall and made some of the tool holders. The gas shocks work great to reduce the lifting weight of the plywood door.  The spring-loaded latch holds the door up and secure.   When the door holder is tripped, the gas shocks provide a soft closing of the door.  The door is locked and secured with a standard Yale type lock mounted in the center of the door.



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