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Kohler Overhead Cam Series Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

By Bill Crusan

I recently installed an oil pressure warning light on my Simplicity Sovereign powered by a Kohler overhead cam (OHC) 18 HP engine. The installation requires the following items:

  1. Kohler Oil Sentry Pressure Switch Kit, Part No. 28 704 02
  1. Kohler Locking Female Terminal, Part No. 25 452 01-S
  1. 12 Volt Panel Mount Indicator / Warning Light
  2. (10 ft) 18 ga. Stranded Green Wire

    (1 ft) 18 ga. Stranded Red Wire

  3. Insulated Female Spade Terminals (mated to male below)
  1. Insulated Male Spade Terminal (mated to female above)

The panel mount indicator light installed is manufactured by Dialight and purchased from Newark. Visit Newark’s website at www.newark.com The following is the indicator light information.

  1. Dialight 101 Series Cartridge, Type 101-8430-09-203, Newark Stock No. 50F6048
  1. Dialight 101 Series Lens Cap – Red, Type 101-0971-003, Newark Stock No. 50F6050

(1) SPC Technology Incandescent Lamp, 12volt, T-1 ¾ Bulb, Midget Flanged Base, Type 394, Newark Stock No. 50N8105

Follow the installation instructions supplied with the Kohler Oil Sentry Pressure Switch Kit to wire for warning light. Replace the oil pressure test plug with the oil pressure switch located on the oil filter adapter. Connect both the existing green and black engine harness leads to the two terminals on the pressure switch.

Crimp the Kohler locking female terminal to one end of the new green wire and lock the terminal into the tractor side of the mated connector, located near the engine starter, so it connects to the green wire in the engine side of the mated connector. Run the green wire in the tractor wiring harness under the battery and up to the dash.

Solder a 12 inch length of both red and green wire to the warning light. Crimp an insulated female spade terminal to the other end of both the red and green wires. Cut to length the green wire in the tractor wiring harness and crimp the insulated female spade terminal to the end of the green wire.

Mount the warning light into the existing upper left-hand hole in the dash. Connect the red wire to the spare hot terminal on the ignition switch. Then connect the green wires.




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