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One of the most desired attachments for these tractors is a front-end loader, but original ones are extremely hard to find.  Consequently, they are frequently discussed as a DIY project for the more skilled hobbyists.  However, these tractors required a fairly complex subframe (see Simplicity 515 Owner's Manual or Allis-Chalmers L-12 Parts Manual) to "bridge" the stresses around the vulnerable bevel gear box.  The bevel gear box is cast steel, but it is used to connect the front frame and rear frame rails and is held in by only 4 bolts.  It can be over-stressed and cracked. 

Here are some pictures of the factory's rear mounting bracket for the subframe.  It could be used on any hydrostatic or variable speed Sovereign-class tractor  (Allis-Chalmers B-112 or Simplicity 3012 or later.)  We've also included CAD drawings down below, for those interested in replicating this factory mount.

Click any picture for a closer view

Kirk Waggoner (nickname thedaddycat) took these photos of a factory rear mount while he was building additional reinforcement plates for his Simplicity.  Note that the mount goes through a large round pre-existing hole in rear frame rail.   A separate story on building all the reinforcements that you see will be coming soon...


Here are CAD drawings in two different sizes, courtesy of Kirk's line drawings that Paul Kjorlie (nickname PowrMaxPaul) developed.

Click here for an 847 x 1500 version that you can save and print at 150 DPI.

Click here for 1695 X 3000 version that you can save and print at 300 DPI.




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