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By: Bill Crusan

Date: 2-15-00


The principle behind the Simplicity sickle bar conversion is to change the original 2 inch (") stroke to 3", so readily available, standard agricultural sickle sections (knives) and rock guards can be used. The change in stroke is accomplished by increasing the length of the rocker arm from the pivot point (bearings) to the rod end assembly (pitman arm) by 1.72" (from 3.44" to 5.16"). The conversion also changes the sickle bar length from 46 inches to 48 inches. The conversion involves purchasing, fabricating (drilling and welding) and machining (turning, reaming and milling) new parts for the sickle and drive groups.


The following is a list of new parts to be purchased with minimum quantities required:

(17) Universal Mower Rock Guards, Type 800, Used on Ford, Detroit and other mowers with 1/2" cutter bar. Note: The number "800" is cast on the topside of the rock guard and painted blue.

One rock guard, mounted nearest to the tractor, must have the nose modified (by grinding) for it to be mounted behind the large inboard shoe assembly. I suggest modifying another rock guard to be used for a spare.

(15) Double Point Sickle Sections. I suggest using the double point sickle sections to reduce the cutting force.
(1) Right Hand Double Point End Sickle Section
(4) Wear Plates
(4) Low Arch Hold Down Clips
(17) Plow Bolts, 7/16 dia. X 1-3/4 long
(17) Plain Washers, 7/16
(17) Special Conical Nuts, 7/16
Section Rivets

(30) Flat head, 9/16 lg. for sickle sections

(3) Oval head, 9/16 lg. for end sickle section

Sickle Rivet Tool
Miscellaneous Fasteners

The majority of the purchased parts listed above can be found in a Shoup catalog and are available from farm supply stores like Farm & Fleet, etc. Contact Shoup Manufacturing Company located in Kankakee, IL at 1-800-627-6137 or (815) 933-4439.

The following is a list of new parts to be fabricated and/or machined:

Note: Parts listed below are referenced from Simplicity owner’s manual, 46" sickle bar, mfg. no. 785 (990785).

(1) Rocker Arm Assembly, Drive Group Ref. No. 32

Assembly consisting of the following material:

Arm - 5/16 X 2 X 9-3/4 steel (pre-drill prior to welding)

Bearing Boss – 1-1/2 diameter X 2 lg. steel (pre-machine prior to welding)

Clevis – 1-1/4 X 1-1/2 X 1-11/16 steel (pre-drill & pre-machine prior to welding)

The above items must be welded and post machined (reamed for bearings).

See attached sketches for the above items.


(1) Head, Sickle, Drive Group Ref. No. 49

New assembly consisting of the following material:

Plate – 1/4 X 2 X 7 steel (between pitman arm and spacer)

Spacer - 3/4 X 1 X 7 steel (between plate and sickle bar)

Weld plate and spacer together after final assembly.


(1) Bar, Cutter, Sickle Group Ref. No. 32

Material: 1/2 X 5 X 55-1/2 extruded aluminum rectangle


(1) Sickle Bar Assembly, Sickle Group Ref. No. 33

Material: 1/4 X 3/4 X 48-1/2 cold drawn steel

I suggest making two sickle bars, using one for a spare.


(1) Spacer to replace Washer, Plain, 3/8", Sickle Group Ref. No. 38

Material: 1/2 X 3 X 6-1/2 steel

(2) Spacer, Sickle Bar Group Ref. No. 20

Material: 5/8 OD X 0.120 wall X 3/4 lg. steel tubing




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