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Hybrid Snow Blower Hitch for 7000 Series Simplicity Tractor

Simplicity designed the 7000 (AC 700) series tractor snow blowers/throwers to be powered by a front PTO (Power Take Off) that bolts to the front of the engine. A belt goes around that PTO, under the front axle, through a 2 pulley hitch, and then around the blower pulley. This design required expensive machinery and controls.

    The Simplicity 7100 (AC 900) series tractor snow blowers/throwers are powered by the existing center PTO, that is normally used to power the mower deck. After the mower deck is removed, the idler pulley is repositioned to a second hole in another ear, and a long (147") belt goes around the PTO, under the front axle, through a 1 pulley hitch, and then around the blower pulley.

    I decided to install a snow thrower on my 7012H, but I didn't want to install a front PTO. To use the center PTO I had to buy the long belt, and modify the idler pulley arm by adding an extra ear with a second hole.

    It occurred to me that my mower deck belt is 74" long, almost exactly half the length of the snow thrower belt needed. I knew that I'd never had a problem with my mower deck belt twisting or coming off the pulleys. So, I decided to retain the angle of the mower deck belt by fabricating a hitch with a mounting pad that places an arbor at the exact location of the mower deck pulley and use my mower deck belt to drive the arbor. To drive the snow blower, I use my spare mower deck belt from the lower arbor pulley.

    Figure 1 is a side view of the completed hybrid hitch.

    The hitch was fabricated entirely fron scrap metal. The only new parts purchased were the 4 attaching pins.

    Figure 2 is a view from the back showing the 2 pulley arbor attached.

    The arbor was constructed from housings, bearings, and a shaft that were salvaged when I rebuilt my mower deck. The blade end of the mower deck arbor shaft has the same spline as the pulley end, so I replaced the blade with another arbor pulley.

    Figure 3 shows the hitch hooked over the axle.

    Figure 4 shows the hitch lifted and the 4 attaching pins inserted.

    Notice how I moved the blower mounting ears in 3/4" on each side. This was necessary because I am using a Kubota snow thrower. For mounting a Simplicity blower, you would just extend the hitch side bars straight out.

    Figure 5 is a differect angle showing the hitch installed.

    Figure 6 shows the hitch and PTO belt installed, and the blower belt ready to be installed.

Southern New Jersey - December 30, 2000
7012H with 48" Kubota Blower in Action for First Time

    Figure 7 Blowing up a grade - the 12hp Kohler is straining.

    Figure 8 Wind shifts - snow in face - time to rotate the spout.

    Figure 9 Biting into a 12" drift.

    Figure 10 Cutting back on ground speed to direct more power to blower.

    Figure 11 "Fun" is over - this is WORK.

Herb "Dutch" Niewender



CAUTION See the update below!

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Figure 1

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Figure 2

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Figure 3

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Figure 4

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Figure 5

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Figure 6

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Figure 7

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Figure 8

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Figure 9

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Figure 10

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Figure 11

1/02/01 Update:   Al Eden posted a response to another message regarding powering a snowblower on the 900/7100 series tractors as opposed to those on the 700/7000 series.

I think Al's message is worth repeating so, as Al said:

"I believe that all of the 900/7100 should have the front pulley on the center PTO mounted in a slot in the tractor frame. This pulley is moved forward or backward to tension the belt. There is a red and green decal behind the rear pulley arm. The front pulley is moved to position the arm in the center of the green triangle when the tensioner is tightened.

The 700/3400/7000 [short frame] tractor have both idler pulleys on a common pivot shaft and that is why it is a problem to drive a HEAVY load like a snowthrower from the center PTO on these tractors. On the 7100/900s the fixed problem solves this as the tension is on the slack side of the belt and the load pulls against a fixed pulley.

My 2 cents worth and its free value accordingly. Happy New Year. Al"

I have received several emails after I posted my "Hybrid Hitch" message. Owners wanted to know if they could convert from the front PTO to the long belt center PTO system without building a Hybrid Hitch. I have told owners that they could convert from the front PTO 700/7000 system by either welding an ear to their existing 700/7000 center PTO idler pivot, or by replacing their 700/7000 center PTO idler pivot with a 2 ear center PTO idler pivot used on the 900/7100 series.

After reflecting on Al's input, here is my revised opinion:

(1) If you replace your 700/7000 center PTO idler pivot with a 2 ear center PTO idler pivot used on the 900/7100 series, you will have to fabricate the slotted bracket Al refers to since the 900/7100 center PTO idler pivot does not have a provision for the "V" idler. I do not believe this bracket is available separately from Simplicity since it is part of the left side frame plate.

(2) If you weld a second ear to your 700/7000 center PTO idler pivot, you may have difficulty keeping proper tension on the long belt since both idler pulleys will pivot. You may have to fabricate a stationary slotted bracket as used on the 900/7100 series.

The Hybrid Hitch "seems" to be working fine with the unmodified factory 700/7000 series center PTO idler pivot. I suspect this is due to the fact that I am using a standard short factory belt on the same angle as is used to power the mower deck. Secondly, the Hybrid Hitch arbor is fixed. The HEAVY load of the snowblower is placed on the fixed arbor. And of course the snowblower has it's own idler to take up the slack in the second short belt from the arbor.

Thanks for the information Al, as usually you demonstrate your expertise.

I hope this keeps everyone and everything "in the groove."




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