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Check out the finished project, and the "model" -- both are truly precious!

Click each picture for a closer view

Here are some picture of my finished product.   Sandy Lake was great at helping replicate the hubs for the dual set up.  I think they made about ten pair of them based on the actual specs from Simplicity,  They fit perfectly.  For about $225 I thought it was a steal.  The help with pulling power and more importantly they look great.  That's my two year old son Drem at the helm with his Nanny from Poland.  Now all I need are decals.  Anyone got extras.  I can't pay much my wife took my check book after she saw what the restoration cost me.  I rebuilt a blower and mower deck as well. 
The mounts I made from shelf brackets and the lights were $12.95 light from auto zone. They look good to me and work great.  Let me know what you think.
Best regards,
Mark Mohn
Stamford CT


Check out this attention to detail, including a polished engine:

Click each picture for a closer view


My name is Mark Mohn and I have been looking at the site for about a year.  Its a great diversion from work and it got me interested in purchasing a Simplicity Landlord.  After much consideration I purchased a 1964 Model 314.  What a classic. 

Any way, I have been restoring it for about a month.  Actually, I have been going at it hard because I also obtained a snow blower with it and after last years snow falls I have absolutely no intention of ever shoveling again.  I thought you would like to see where I am in my project.  I must say your site made my restoration project possible.  Otherwise I would have been lost.  Each and every aspect of your site's members and information played a key role in my success. Thanks.

As I have never done anything like this before. I found it to be a lot of fun and a huge pain in my back side.  My kids will love this thing.  My wife thinks I'm nuts.  She might be right.

Mark Mohn
Stamford CT.




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