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2001 Tractor Pulling Season
Mike Scharlau

We pull in Western Wisconsin and Eastern MN, with 3 clubs (Hook n' Go, Gopher State Pullers, Sneaky Pete Pullers), and with NGTPA.  My son Parker and I along with a good friend Ivan Schlough teamed up this year to really clean house on the competition.   Ivan has been pulling for many years and has always pulled Simplicities or Allis. 

Two years ago he won the Stock points championship in two weight classes with this B212.

Last year he sold this tractor and put together a Simplicity 7790 diesel.  He won the Stock points championship in two weight classes again.   This thing smokes just like the big tractors; Ivan on his way to another 1st place

This year we worked together and pulled our 712 with a 12hp Briggs, a 917 with a M20 engine and  the Diesel.  Here is a nice picture of the Triple Threat of Orange.

The Diesel again won the points championship in two weight classes.  The Diesel has only been outpulled a few times and it took another Sim/Allis (the 917) to do it.

My 8 year old son drives the 712 and the 917 in the 800 or 950 weight, I drive them in the 1000 or 1050 class.  My son also drove the diesel for Ivan many times.

We have been pulling for 3 years and this has been our best year (took some time to figure it out).

The 2001 season run down:

The Diesel hooked 22 times and got 1st or 2nd  19 times! 

The 917 (A-C Deuce) hooked 24 times with 7 - 1st, 7-2nd, 5-3rd.

The 712 (A-Ce of Hearts) hooked 10 times with 11st, 2-3rd, 5-4th.

Here is my son getting some hang time with the 712.


We also pull on Blacktop.  And you can see we pull a large sled (the V8s pull the same sled).

Here is my son on his way to a 1st place.

Here is my son (left) and his friend at the last pull.

Sad to say but Ivan has retried the Diesel and has already put it back to mowing his lawn.  It was an awesome puller.  The Diesel was holding 1st place in the National Garden Tractors pullers Assoc. (Northern region) with A-C Deuce in 2nd.   But we could not make the last pulls ( Lebanon, MO was just too far away).   

We had a great time, had lots of compliments on how nice the tractors look, and proud of these great machines and what they can do.   Our tractors are completely stock with no modifications to the engines,  The diesel and A-C Deuce are running a straight 3-speed, and the 712 has the variable 3-speed, again all completely stock.  The only modifications to the tractors are the exhaust pipes, wheels, tires, weight brackets and wheelie bars. 

The M20 Kohler engine with straight pipes sounds sort of like a Harley at idle and is really sweet when it gets revd up.  

Many pulls there would be up to 25 tractors in our class (a couple of WheelHorses and our Sim/Allis the rest are all Cub Cadets). 

I do this for the fun of playing with these tractors, and showing them off, but it is also feels good to beat all those Cubs.  My son Parker got me into this sport, he has always loved tractors.  We would go to farm tractor pulls, and he asked if they pull garden tractors (he has been driving the HB212 since 4).  I knew this is something he could do, and an excuse for me to play with our 7 tractors more.

 There are many girls who pull also (there are kids as young as 5 pulling) and it is really a nice family sport.

 Anyone that is interested, Ill gladly give any information to.  These old Simplicities and Allis-Chalmers are great, rugged garden tractors they win hands down for the best mowing during the week and can also clean up on the weekends.

I also want to say what a great place Simple Tractors is and its members and what a great country we have that we can do things like Garden Tractor Pulling.

Good Luck!

Mike S.












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