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My Dad tells me that he brought this Walker home in the trunk of his car after buying it at a Wards store in Des Moines, Iowa in 1958.  I was four at the time.  In the 60's, my brother and I would move the belt to the high speed pulleys and drag our wagon around the gravel driveway at the church (dad was the pastor).  Fearing that his precious garden tractor would be abused (we loved spinning the tires) - he found a used Go-Kart for $40.  So the tractor was spared.  Trust me, this thing has made a few passes through the garden already as there were seven kids in our family and we needed the garden to survive.  He originally brought home a reel mower for the front, a narrow rear tiller and cultivator.  I have the tiller - though it is extremely worn.  I have the cultivator, but need parts - especially wheels.  The mower is long gone.  I would love to get another tiller for it and some parts for the cultivator.  Can anyone help me out with where to go?  I had a blacksmith friend make me a snow plow from a 24" pipe in the methane fields here in Gillette, Wyoming.  It's crude and will at least get painted this summer.  It's a brute pushing snow!

What a great website.  Thank you.  There are no stickers or plates on this tractor.  From the scanned photos and information of the catalogue on this site it appears to be a hybrid of a Model A and Model FC.  It has the Model A transmission, but frame and wheels of the FC. It still pulls kids in a wagon!

Nathan Brandt



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