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Attached is photo of my 6216 wearing 26x12x12 rears and 5x8 fronts.  One more weekend of pushing dirt around, then it's time to mount the deck and swap the turf wheels back on. This tractor has surpassed all my expectations, and I haven't even filled the rear tires with washer fluid. I'd love to see the effect on traction, but cannot afford a spare transaxle yet. Makes no sense to try and break it without a spare on the shelf.

6216Ag.jpg (57223 bytes)
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  Pay close attention to the "trick" mod to add 5-lug front wheels in the top set of pictures.

ra_6216C2.jpg (98025 bytes)
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ra_6216C1.jpg (81310 bytes)

Hello again,

I have completed installing the 5 lug high speed hubs and 16x7.5x8 tires on 5.375" wide wheels. Hubs used have 3/4" ID bearings, and I still need to grind down the washer welded to the spindles to 1" OD so it will fit into the grease seals (running without seals for now).  Hubs are secured with the original E-Clip grove but using a snap ring and  arbor shims to set the preload. They fit, and only rub the steering rod slightly at left full lock.



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ra_5216_new.jpg (58279 bytes)

I have attached an updated photo of my Simplicity 6216 (above) after many hours of scrubbing and buffing with my daughters help. If you would be so kind as to add it to the page you already set up for me I'd really appreciate it.

I will send another photo as soon as I finish fitting a set of roller bearing 5 lug hubs and 16x7.5x8 tires up front.   I've tried them on, and all should work out well, and it really looks tuff (just like a 4041).
Best Wishes -- Love the site.



I love the site, found everything I needed to fix up my Model V Walker (Actually a Monty Wards Plow Trac) and you got me looking for a Simplicity Tractor.  Well needless to say, now I am the proud owner of a 6216 tractor won on Ebay for $ 202.50.  Only needed a battery and starter solenoid to get it running. See attached for photo, love to see it in the gallery.

Thanks, keep up the great work.


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