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Talk about doing it right -- check out Lloyd Holden's 7116 6-speed!

Here some pics of my 7116. It's a complete restoration, stripped down to the bare metal.  It's better than it was new, by fixing all the factory mistakes.  The tractor, deck, and snow blower all painted.  I'm just slowly putting everything back together now.  The Briggs 16 hp is getting rebuilt at this time.  I figured why not. I had it out...

Lloyd Holden

Click each picture for a closer view of this incredible restoration job.

The ones below are are larger pictures -- click each one for a closer view...

 At my request, Lloyd provided more photos of this beautiful tractor, below, as it starts to come together again.  Note that club member, Bobby Winter, produced these decals. 

lh_tractor_1.jpg (40712 bytes)

lh_deck_1.jpg (36104 bytes)

Lh_backside _snowblower.JPG (31160 bytes)

lh_engine_1.jpg (36013 bytes)

Lloyd also added:

Over the winter, I restored my 7116-6.   Not giving it a second thought, I sanded off almost all the decals.  After I was all done. I went to my local simplicity dealer, and guess what -- they don't make them any more.  Also heard that the shelf life of those decals are only about four to five years -- so folks if you plan on restoring your stuff do some research first on your decals.  I searched high and low for decals on my now painted but bare tractor. SANDY LAKE was very helpful, but didn't have all of what I needed, so they guided me in the right direction . . . Right to Uncle Bob, from Connecticut. This guy loves what he does and would bend over backwards for you.  He reproduces decals from his computer at home.  His price's are very good for all the work he puts into these, and the extras he gives you, just in case you goof up... LOL ... He had mine done and sent to me within a week.  You can e-mail him at robert.winter@snet.net  

lh_lef_sidepg.jpg (27627 bytes)

lh_back_end.jpg (28387 bytes)

lh_head_on.jpg (25493 bytes)




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