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Jim's Duo
In From Pasture
Labor of Love
AC 916H
AC 712 Puller
AC 712S
AC 710
AC 620 w/Loader
AC 620
1973 AC 616
Tall Tale?
AC Big 10 Puller
Restored B-1
Oh, Canada!
B-1 Baby!
Two B-110's
AC 410
AC 112 & Cart
Nice Pair
Vice's Vices
Vern's AC 410
B-1 at Work
B-1 With Loader
All in the Family
Rare Pair
Original 312
Mike's Pair
Old & New(er)
Work in Progress
620 with Loader
920 Diesel
B-10 to Show
Bigger Toy
1963 B-10
HB 212
New Pair
Big, Bad B-207
616 to Go
720s Plus 312
Persistence Pays
Work Horse
Bronco's Baby
Improved B-112
Sisters & Sleds
Landscaping Anyone?
Think About It
Pristine 720
Mega Collection
Ben's Beauties
Scott's Find
Tim's Toy
616 with B&S
720 Special
Grandfather's Big Ten
611 LTD
Big Ten Deluxe
Tow Truck 720
Allis Forklift
316-H ?
Allen's Joy
Christmas Stocking
A Second Helping
Tough Ten
One Owner 210
Projects, Projects
B-12 Beauty
Can't Let Go
5th Generation
Plum Different
Grampa's Pride
Beautiful B-207
Back from the brink
Newest Addition
Pretty Pair
Colin's Collection
Tale of Two Tillers
Paul's Pride & Joy
Hard Working HB
Sharp 712H
Veteran Workhorse
Barry's Beauty
Shoun's 416
Brad's Pair
Chuck's Collection
Old & Faithful
Mark's 314
Buyer's Remorse?
Jim's Gem
710 Puller
Bargain Beauty

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  Submitted by: Tractor(s): Page Title:
  Jim Howland 314 and 716H Jim's Duo
  Michael Thiem 620 In From Pasture
  Dave Sigmund B-112 Labor of Love
  John Boesch 916H AC 916H
  John Boesch HB-112 HB-112
  Jeff Jager 712 AC 712 Puller
  Les Kreifels 712S AC 712S
  Jeff Lane 710 AC 710
  Floyd Stocker 620 AC 620 w/Loader
  Floyd Stocker 620 (different one) AC 620
  Robert Kazee 616 1973 AC 616
  Les Kreifels B-210 B-210
  Chris Geise B-208 B-208
  Chris Geise B-207 Tall Tale?
  Chris Geise B-207 B-207
  Jeff Jager Big Ten Big 10 Puller
  Ralph Doehrmann B-1 Restored B-1
  Dave Christensen 712H 712H
  Mike Cross B-10 Oh, Canada!
  James Catlin B-1 B-1 Baby!
  Geoff Rack B-110 (2 of them) Two B-110's
  John Putnam 410 AC 410
  Keith Gearheart B-112 AC 112 & Cart
  Scott Wood B-112 and 716H Nice Pair
  Les Kreifels B-112 & Agco 918H Vice's Vices
  Vern Vickers 410 Vern's AC 410
  Michael Graham B-1 B-1 at Work
  Alan Borre B-1 B-1 With Loader
  Todd Stein B-210 All in the Family
  Brian Parshall 312D and 410S Rare Pair
  Pete Herres 312 Original 312
  Mike Gill B-1 and Big Ten Mike's Pair
  Chad Shafer B-10 and Agco-Allis 918 Old & New(er)
  Rob Schepis B-210 Work in Progress
  Pete D. 416H  416H
  James Hunter 716H 716H
  Greg Buchko B-10 & L-10 Loader B-10
  Joe Johnson 410S 410S
  Kraig McConaughey 620 with Ark 600 Loader 620 with Loader
  Jonathan Wagman 920 Diesel 920 Diesel
  Daryl Cress Early B-10 B-10 to Show
  Scott Wood 620 Bigger Toy
  Jason Schaefer Early B-10  1963 B-10
  D. W. Holmes HB-212 HB-212
  Chris Geise 314H and B-112 New Pair
  William Jordan B-207 Big, Bad B-207
  Jeff Ghindea 616 616 to Go
  Stan Danielson Two 720s, a trencher, and a 312 720s Plus 312
  Chris Lord B-112 Persistence Pays
  Barry Wells Late B-10 Work Horse
  Brad Waddell 314 Bronco's Baby
  Don Pelletier B-112 Improved B-112
  Rob Baumuller Big Ten and B-110 Pullers Sisters & Sleds
Sam Ericson 912H Landscaping Anyone?
  William Jordan B-112 Think About It
  Rick Anderson Homesteaders Homesteader
  John Ghindea Restored 720 Pristine 720
  Mark Megliore B-1, Big Ten, B-112, and Agco-Allis 514H Mega Collection
  Ben Heintz Homesteader 8 and 314H Ben's Beauties
  Scott Wood Early B-10 Scott's Find
  Tim Standish 611 LT Tim's Toy
  Brian Klee 616 with a 20HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine 616 with B&S
  Tom Carleton 720 Special 720 Special
  Gene Murphy 1966 Big Ten Grandfather's Big Ten
  Cal Baxter 611 LTD 611 LTD
  Kent Thomas Big Ten Big Ten Deluxe
  Jim Long AC 720 Tow Truck 720
  Bob Duescher AC B-1 with Forklift Allis Forklift
  Chris Geise AC 314 with 16hp Briggs & Stratton AC-316H ?
  Alen Uhrick AC B-210 Allen's Joy
  Todd Darling AC B-207 Christmas Stocking
  Wayne Whiting AC B-110 A Second Helping
  Ron Carter Big Ten Puller Tough Ten


Matthew Tallant B-210, B-112, B-10 & more One Owner 210
  Mike French B-1 and B-12 Projects, Projects
  Olen Murdock B-12, plus a Speedex B-12 Beauty
  Mike Colby 712H Can't Let Go
  Ed England HB-112 5th Generation
  Dave Schmidt Deutz-Allis 1814 Hydro Plum Different

Rich Heagle

Big Ten Revived
  Howie Minner Early B-10 Grampa's Pride
  Art Romeo B-207 Beautiful B-207
  Lawn McCormack B-212 Back from the brink
  Mike Buel B-212 Newest Addition
  Ken DeFazio B-10 and B-112 Pretty Pair
  Colin Brown B-10, B-110, 310 & more Colin's Collection
  Les Kreifels Two Agco 918's (?) Tale of Two Tillers
  Paul Kjorlie B-207 Paul's Pride & Joy
  David Stahl HB-212 Hard Working HB
  Terry Leonard 712H Sharp 712H
  Rob Kolar 1964 (Early) B-10 Veteran Workhorse
  Barry Orbash Early B-10 Barry's Beauty
  Shoun King 416 Shoun's 416
  Brad Waters Big Ten & Early B-10 Brad's Pair
  Chuck Fitzpatrick B-1, B-12 and B-207 Chuck's Collection
  Sam Ayers Deutz-Allis 919 Puller 919 Puller
  Tony Wiskas Late B-10 Old & Faithful
  Brent Baumer Deutz-Allis 916 (painted as HB-916) HB-916
Mark Leaming 310 with a 14HP Kohler Mark's 314
Mike Soules Original B-1 Buyer's Remorse
Jim Hanna Restored 620 Jim's Gem





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