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Enjoy Dave Sigmund's story of restoring his one-owner B-112, in his own words.... a true labor of love! 

    "Nineteen sixty seven was a great year for me. I was fourteen that summer when my dad bought me a brand new Allis-Chalmers B112 garden tractor. We had a small farm where we raised cattle and pigs. We had a sizable garden from which dad would sell many of the vegetables at the roadside or just give them away. Dad worked for the Ford Motor Co. in Canton, Ohio so farming was not his full time occupation. However, we worked the place as though it was. I was the youngest in the family of six siblings and came along ten years after the rest. By this time, mom and dad's farming activities did slow down some but they always had to be busy doing something. Work was all they knew and they seemed to thrive on it. As I look back I would have to say that there was nothing wrong with that. 

      "Anyway, we farmed with an Allis B, CA and a Ford 2000. Dad also had an Allis 303 bailer and many New Idea implements. We also had some old horse drawn items that had been converted for use with the tractors. The farmer next to us would combine our wheat as we did not raise enough to justify owning our own combine.

     "My job was to mow the lawn, an acre and a half, plow snow and all of the other things that a kid was expected to do in addition to the other farm work.  We had a six horsepower Sears lawn tractor but it gave up the ghost and for a year I had to push that acre and a half. You can only imagine the relief when I got that B 112! A few years after I got married and left home I got to take the little Allis with me. Dad then bought for himself a 16hp John Deere. Over the years the Allis sure earned its keep.  In 1997, as I was using it to grade gravel, a valve stuck and the engine quit. Shortly thereafter I began the restoration process.



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