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The club's New England get-together in conjunction with the Brooklyn, CT show in 2002 was even wetter than last year.  That didn't prevent a lot of diehard fans from showing up.  The show organizer thanked us for saving his show!  We had the largest turnout of any brand there. Now if we could only find a warmer, drier time...

Click each picture for a closer view, and enjoy these photos courtesy of Stan Somers.

Part of the club's lineup, starting with Rob Baumuller's 2 B-12's with his B-112 & L-112 loader in between. Across the roadway, here's more, starting with Cal Neely's original HB-212 with hydrolift in the front.  About as nice an original as you'll find. Another shot of Rob's tractors, with Marvin Neely's B-212 (I think ??) in front.

Here's Kirk Waggoner's Simplicity 725 and his newly "reinforced" 3310 with Johnny bucket in the foreground. Jim Veira's 3210 (?) on the left and Kirk's 3310 on the right -- as Kirk and I chat about his project. Nice closeup shot of Rob Baumuller's nicely restored B-12, with his B-112/L112 behind it.

Kirk's 3310 in the foreground, and a group discussion going on over Jim Viera's 3210.

Time to start loading up...

Reed Savary, just finishing up after we loaded his 2210 and 9HP Landlord.

Here's what "our little corner of the world" looked like... A good indicator of our "blustery day"  -- didn't see Winnie the Pooh around, though... Here's the other end of the main lineup, with Reed Savary's 9HP Landlord and 2210 at the head of the line..
Here's three more pictures courtesy of Kirk Waggoner (aka, thedaddycat)

Note Cal Neely's nice original weedcutter mounted on the Sovereign on the right. Here's a good shot across the roadway from where the awnings were set up... The kids line up for the tractor parade, with Kirk's daughter followed closely by Rob's daughter.

Here's more pictures, courtesy of John Suprono (aka JohnSup)

Reed Savary's 2110 at the head of the line. Check out the "custom mounting" of the headlights on the two in the center. Looking down the line from the end. Only one 300/400 series showed up.

A closer view of Rob Baumuller's B-112 with L-112 loader. A closer of view of those unique headlight mountings.  Note the "Snow Hawg" snowblower tires on the front of these two tractors. Yet another look at Reed Savary's 9HP Landlord and 2110.  A couple of nice, unrestored tractors.  He works them!

A view of the backside of that row, from the "swap meet" area... from Kirk's pair on the right to Reeds' pair on the left. Need used parts, implements or tractors?  Here's what John Suprono brought to sell... Another view of John's items for sale.  That's John on the right...

John and Kirk chatting about the running 725 suitable for restoration.  John sold it not much later... with a nice solid mower deck. Here's more items for sale.  This is the guy with the NOS heat shields for the oldies... He also had tractors for sale.  A chipper/shredder and a couple of cultivators went fast!

Here's the swap meet area that JimV, Rob, and other members had behind the lineup of tractors. This shows John's load of "stuff"  in relation to the rest of the club's swap meet items.  There were lots of "buys" for larger tractors too...

Here's more pictures of other attractions at the show, courtesy of Stan Somers



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