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Check out the first two tractors in young Dennis Johnson's collection...

Click each picture for a closer view

This is the first tractor I got. It is a 1967 Simplicity Landlord 2110. I got it when I was 9 years old and now im 15. It had a mower deck on it when I got it but the mower deck was stuck and the engine wouldn't turn over so the guy who had it gave it to me for free. When I got home with it that day I took the mower deck off of it and the engine turned over so I charged the battery and it started up no problem. After that I took it all a part and sand blasted every part and painted it ( I painted red not orange because when I got it the paint was faded and it looked like red). The things i put on it are the metallic red valve stem covers, a metallic red shifter knob, a toggle switch not a key ignition, a hood ornament and a 7-AL MSD ignition system out of an 1986 top-fuel dragster.  For the people who don't know what an MSD ignition system is, it gives it 400,000 Millijoules Per Spark or much better spark.  On the back of the tractor is a n/o stock simplicity ball hitch and  2 weights to help lift a snowblower or something heavy in the front and in the front is a front mounted hitch used for the same thing but i just use them to add more weight for pulling and the front tires are also filled with 40 pounds of lead each. I also add a straight Harley-Davidson exhaust pipe because I like loud tractors.

Click each picture for a closer view

This is the second tractor I got. The only thing I did to this one is rebuild the hydraulic piston and put on a set of n/o stock front lights. The tractor came with the rotortiller you see on the back of it a mower deck, snowblower, snow plow, and a brush hog witch is an attachment for the front of it that cuts down tall weeds and all of these attachments work beautiful.  I have one more picture of this one.




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