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     "We disassembled the transmission first and after a good cleaning and inspection of all the parts it was reassembled with new seals and gaskets. Some of the gears had some wear but not enough to warrant replacement. The same was done with the power takeoff and the variable drive pulley assembly. All of these parts were painted with Dupont black with hardener added.

    "Next came the engine. It was also time to open the checkbook! The cylinder bore was 6 thousands over and slightly out of round so it had to bored to 10 over and a new piston purchased. The crankshaft connecting rod journal was undersize and slightly out of round so it was ground to 20 thousands under and of course this called for a new connecting rod. Two new valves, a new camshaft, gasket kit, bearings, magneto, points, piston rings well, you get the idea. I had rebuilt the carburetor a couple of years back so it was good to go. After reassembly the engine was painted black with high temperature engine paint from your friendly neighborhood NAPA store.




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