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Check out this nice Sovereign 3112H, in almost completely original condition...

Click each of these two pictures, below, for a closer view

John says:

These are pictures of my 1969 3112h.  It was purchased brand new by my uncle for about $1,300.00  It was given to me upon his death in 1995.

I have many fond memories of snowy days when we had no school, and I would get to see this thing in action, and possibly steal a rid on her.  When I got the unit it was in very good shape as it was only used for snow, and roto-tilling. I have had to do some work to her (new belts, fluids tune up etc.) mainly because my uncle only did basic maintenance and kind of feared breaking it in an attempt to do some of this more “involved” maintenance.

I have had the fortune to come across a complete parts tractor of the same year & model so I hope to be able to keep this old girl around to pass along to my little ones some day. Enclosed are a few pictures of what the unit looks like.

John Bardascino

P.S. The only thing I really repainted on it was the front cross piece where the Sovereign sticker  goes, the grille and the engine when I had it out.  The rest is all original.  The mower  deck never came with it originally -- it came with the parts tractor I got.  The two lights in the grille are strobes for when I snowblow (as I worry about city snowplows seeing me).



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