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Well, the Old Crapsman Tractor (6 years old) has broken down for the LAST TIME, it's days are numbered! I'm going to get it running, wash it up, wax it and then park it in the front yard with a FOR SALE sign on it!  My Brand New Simplicity Regent came yesterday! I can't believe how quiet they are and how tight of a turning radius they have! (14 inches).  I have got to say that they are well worth every penny that I invested!  Now, if it would just quit raining so I could go out and mow with it, I sure would be happy!

The new Regent is a sweet machine! I absolutely love that 14" turning radius! It sure makes it nice for mowing around my fruit trees. The only thing that makes me sad about it is that it doesn't have the snoose to run a tiller and some of the other attachments, but what the heck; that's what I have my old 7016 for!


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