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I noticed that there are not any Homesteader pictures in your gallery.  I am attaching pictures of my two homesteaders for the gallery.  Notice the difference between the two hood decals and steering wheels.  The center where the throttle and choke are at are also arranged differently.

The one with the mower deck was purchased from my father who acquired it from my grandfather who purchased it new.  I do not know exactly when my grandfather purchased it and the engine has been replaced so I could not look it up.  This mower has seen quite a bit of grass in its time.  It has recently been retired from mowing and replaced by a 7016H.

I purchase this next one from a club member and it originally came with a mower deck and I did use it for a while.  I purchased the blower and rear weight from another club member and decided to put them on this one.  This one was retired and replaced by a 7016H before I even got to use the blower.





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