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Ken keeps updating us on his beautiful 725...

Click each picture for a closer view
kw_725_at_Work.jpg (48954 bytes) kw_725_tilling.jpg (31390 bytes)


I got my pictures back today and they show where the coil is mounted on my 12v conversion so I will start the 12v coil conversion write up.  I also attached some of my 725 doing the spring tilling.  My wife wanted me to put in a new garden so my little 7.25 hp engine was tilling sod as well as 1-inch tree roots.  I am amazed by its power.  Oh yes, I know I have the bars on the front tires facing the wrong direction but I was just trying it.  It didn't work that well so I will reverse them when I am done tilling. 


Ken Williams

His original story....

Click each picture for a closer view

kw_725_1.jpg (58837 bytes)

kw_725_2.jpg (65682 bytes)


I also have a 700 for spare parts. plus 2 decks, tiller, blade, plow, snowblower, dual wheel set up and the gear reducer.  I will try to put them all together in the spring for a group shot.  I got the 700 in trade for a pinball machine including most of the attachments.  I was planning on restoring it and was trying to get parts for the Briggs model 19 when the fully running 725 you see here was up for sale for $350 and it included a snowblower and 2nd deck.  This wasn't a lot more than what it would cost me to restore the 700 so I grabbed it.  They even fit in my garage!

Ken Williams



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