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Check out the closeups of Kraig McConaughey's 620.  He took them so you could more clearly see the optional 3-point hitch, rear PTO and highly desirable Ark 600 loader...

AC620andmower1a.jpg (158042 bytes)

AC620andmower3a.jpg (135569 bytes)

AC620andmower2a.jpg (223194 bytes)

AC620loader01.jpg (197813 bytes)

AC620loader02.jpg (222378 bytes)

AC620loader03.jpg (207097 bytes)

AC620loader04.jpg (229607 bytes)

AC620loader05.jpg (199703 bytes)

AC620loader08.jpg (229640 bytes)

AC620loader09.jpg (220264 bytes)

AC620serialno.jpg (95783 bytes)

AC620loader06.jpg (195708 bytes)

AC620loader07.jpg (201635 bytes)

loaderframe.jpg (174124 bytes)

AC620loader_in_action.jpg (50818 bytes)

Here are some photos of my AC 620. If you like any of them feel free to use them in the gallery. I bought this AC620 used about the time you were setting up the web site. The contacts I found through your web site have been very helpful.  Thanks for the great site and keep up the good work. I also included some detail photos of the loader that may be helpful for someone looking to build or repair a loader.


  He later added the photo of the loader at work, with these comments:

Just got a roll of film developed that has a photo of the AC 620's loader in action hoisting a rather large limestone boulder. Thought you might like to see it. I've been using the AC 620 to do some landscaping, the loader has been a lifesaver. So far it's been able to lift everything I've "asked" it to. Power steering would sure be helpful though. 

Kraig, thanks for all the close-ups, especially of the things you never see pictures of, such as the loader frame.  I'm sure the folks will appreciate them -- enough to even overlook the old Cub Cadets that snuck into the pictures . . .  80)  Kent




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