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  Submitted by: Tractor(s): Page Title:
  Roy Pope New Sovereign & AC B-1 Old & New
  Tim Polomczak AC B-10 & Landlord 2012 Polo's Pair
  Taylor Ridge Simplicity 3012 and AC 611 Taylor Made
  Steve Johnson AC Big Ten & Montgomery Ward Garden Mark Squire Big Ten and Kin
  Jerry Browning '59 Montgomery Ward (i.e. Midland)  Walker and '60 Montgomery Ward Garden Mark Squire Pair of Wards
  Les Kreifels Simplicity 7016 and AC B-112, each with Haban sicklebar mowers. Dueling Sicklebars
  Jeff Ghindea AC 720, Simplicity 4041, and Simplicity 4040 Best of Both Worlds
  Blackie Day Subaru-powered Sovereign Simple Sue Alice
  Andrew Sinden Homelite T-7 Homelite T-7
  Roger Arnoldi Montgomery Wards Plow Trac Plow Trac
  Paul Brody Deutz-Allis 616 Deutz 616
  Jack Lindstrom Homelite T-12 Homelite T-12
  Nathan Brandt 1958 Wards Walker '58 Wards Walker
  Nate Jaster Allis-Chalmers B-1 and B-10, Simplicity 7010 puller Nate's Next One
Martin Hruby Simplicity 725 and Allis B-112 Northern Disclosure
Sam Ericson Massey-Ferguson 2818 & Johnny Bucket Jr. Power Shovel
  Wally Becker 540 RPM rear PTO, "Vee" plow by Lantz Industries, and 40" Weed Cutter Wally's Wonders
  Bill Klein Allis-Chalmers Terra Tiger Terra Tiger
  Terry Benander MacKISSIC Chipper Shredder MacKISSIC
  Dick Grant AC 314D, '64 9HP Simplicity Landlord,  and Simplicity 3210V StinKy & Friends
  Gary Kerbow Montgomery Ward Grist Mill for use with a Walking Tractor Grist Mill
  Sam Ericson Homelite T-15 HappyJack's Inspiration
  Dan Poeppelman Sweepster and 540 RPM Rear PTO Sweepster & Rear PTO
  Jim Vieira Allis-Chalmers 710 and Simplicity 2010 Jim's Jewels
  Lloyd Boy Simplicity 7117H and Allis-Chalmers 620 Boy's Toys
  Rob Baumuller Allis-Chalmers Big Ten, B-112 with L-112 loader, and Big Ten project, plus Simplicity 7014 Stephie Shows Out
  Scott Bradford Allis-Chalmers 710 and a radically modified Montgomery Ward Lawn Trac Show n' Mow
  Stuart Bays Montgomery Wards Squire 9 MW Squire 9
  Rob Strawser Allis-Chalmers B-112 and JC Penney (made by Simplicity) 7013S B-112 & JC Penney 7013S


D.D. Hottinger 1964 Montgomery Ward Squire Squire Redux


Claire Davis Allis-Chalmers 610 and Simplicity 2110 and 3210 Claire's Collection
Bob Gooding Two Landlord 101's, two 2010's and a Montgomery Ward Squire 10 Bob's Beauties



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