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Check out Nate Jaster's story, and look at the "wheelie" he pulls with his puller below -- but please don't try such a stunt yourself -- he has the necessary "wheelie bars" (visible in sled picture) that helps prevent the tractor from coming over on him... 

"This is an

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The simplicity is an early 7010, about '75.  I have a tiller and 42" deck.  I bought it for $450.00 and made a cheap puller.  It has a 10 hp single cylinder and dual  pipes.  I borrowed the blade from Dad's B-10.  Ever since I bought it, it keeps earning its keep.  I bought it  in fall of 2000 and fixed it up to pull and do jobs around the house -- till, mow, and blade.  I landscape a little and till gardens in the summer just for fun.  As soon as I got tires,  weight brackets and wheelie bars, I was in pulling heaven, and loved it.  Pulling was great!  It's a B&S 10 hp, with dual pipes, horn, and ground effects for night driving as well as pulling.  It's a crowd pleaser -- it took  me 2 min and 51 sec. to pull 1200 lbs 175 ft -- I'm  "still learning".  I pull in first gear and never lost power, just traction.  This year 
will be great!"

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I hope you like it, 





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