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Read and enjoy Martin Hruby's story of finding and restoring Alaskan tractors...

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About 3 years ago I came upon a 725 Simplicity in good shape, being an ole Nebraska farm boy this started tractor fever, fired by my brother Dave.  Soon I developed the habit of rubber-necking yards on trips to anywhere looking for something to hook behind this tractor I now have. Going to Fairbanks, 200 miles, for reason no longer remembered, I spotted a yellow hood in the willow bushes -- I lock 'em up, a friendly ole Alaskan came to the door, after some talking he took me to look at a B-112 -- "needs rewiring, ran 4 years ago, 2 mower decks, almost 2 snow blowers, one blade and some parts of a B-10, 200 bucks."  So, I filled the back of my 75 Dodge half ton, took it home and it sat until mid winter when the snow got too deep to blade with my 725.  I drug out the most complete looking blower, figured out how to mount it my 725, and what a kick!  I'm hooked!

I redid the B-112 that spring, and not knowing what I had, I stripped it to bare metal, 3 coats of primer and 9 cans JD construction yellow  --  it looks sharp.  I tore the B112 all the way down to 3 bolts I couldn't break loose.  The wiring problem it was supposed to have turned into a shot bevel gear box, after I got it running.  I don't think he drove it where it was even before the willow bushes grew to 2 inches in diameter in front of it.  I decided while I waited for parts that I may as well paint it up, didn't plan to go far as I did, but one piece off lead to another.  Had I been into this great site of yours then I most likely would have done a few things different --  like not use old tint JD construction yellow --  though it don't look bad, I feel a bit guilty now.

Hey I might learn something 'bout this computer stuff, your site as sparked my interest into the 21st century. Thanks a lot,  Kent. 

Martin Hruby


725_break-up.jpg (19432 bytes)
725 which started it all

pick-up load-1.jpg (31536 bytes)
Coming home

pick-up load-2.jpg (11277 bytes)
Pieces, parts & puzzles

B112_as was.jpg (48761 bytes)
B-112, before

B112 teardown.jpg (34413 bytes)
Tear down

B112 tear down-2.jpg (28984 bytes)
Tear down, con't

B112cleaning_parts.jpg (31184 bytes)
Cleaning parts

B112_rake.jpg (78013 bytes)
Together again

B112_rake-rt.jpg (70892 bytes)
Another view

B112-tack.jpg (17843 bytes)




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