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Persistence clearly paid off for Chris Lord with this B-112.  Read his story ...

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cl_b112_before.jpg (53135 bytes)

cl_b112_after.jpg (41547 bytes)

Before After


My name is Chris Lord from Maine.  Two years ago I heard about it from a friend, so I went to take a look.  I found that the man that had owned it was going to restore it, but as many great ideas go, it never got done. Being somewhat persistent, I later found that he had swapped it for a fuel injection system to his Dad.  I then contacted him and the deal began -- He wanted just what he had invested and a invitation when it was done or no deal!  Needless to say, I didn't disappoint him.

These are before and after pictures.  I also have the belly mower, sickle mower, snow blower,  rototiller and original trailer.  I would like to see a blueprint of the L-12 loader for it so I can build one.

Thank you,

Chris Lord
Lord's Small Engines Repair



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