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View this very desirable Mighty Mac chipper-shredder that Bill Sickel "lucked into" for only $50, and help answer his questions about this unusual center-mounted AC cultivator. . . Click each picture for a closer view.

BS_7018~1.jpg (51374 bytes)

bs_7018~2.jpg (52497 bytes)

BS_7018~4.jpg (49792 bytes)

bS_cencultvator.jpg (66496 bytes)

Kent, I just purchased a Mighty Mac chipper shredder for the Simplicity (A.C.) for $50.00.  It looks great.  Here's the pictures --  maybe this spring I'll send more of it in use. The tractor is a 7018 H that I got this fall it had the normal problem (valve seat out).  I fixed it I am a tool and die maker so I did the work myself maybe this will help some one else.  Brass valve seat (remember the old Harley Davidsons.) brass has virtually the same thermal expansion coefficients as aluminum.  That means they expand at the same rate when exposed to heat.  Believe me it works great. And unless your planning to drive your tractor thousands of miles it won't need a valve job for years. You probably will have to have a machine shop make the seat and install it but it's way cheaper than replacing the whole motor. When I did it I put a .006 shrink fit on them. (freeze the seat and heat the head to 600 deg F and don't dilly dally putting it in) any way I hope this helps someone and hopefully you can use the pictures.

Hey what do you know about this center mounted cultivator?

Bill, this is the first center-mounted cultivator I've seen -- as well as I can remember.  Maybe others can help with more info!   Kent



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