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A little over a year ago my family and I went from a postage stamp size lawn to almost 10 acres.  Of those 10 acres I mow approximately 4.5 acres.  The first thing I needed to do was purchase a lawn tractor.  Being that prices nowadays are quite high for a good quality lawn tractor I decided to purchase older lawn tractors that I would find in my price range (CHEAP!)...  I ended up buying 3 and borrowing a 4th last year during the lawn cutting season (With 3 boys I figured there were strength in numbers..). First was a Cub Cadet 122, it ran nice but it only had a 42" deck. The second was a really cheap Craftsman that never made it all season (Go Figure)..  The third was a Simplicity Landlord Series 7112 Hydro with a 42" deck which turned out to be the best cutting lawn tractor out of any I've used. It developed a rap in the engine by the end of the season.  So when the fall came I decided to have the engine rebuilt and generally freshen the tractor up.  This has since turned in to a total restoration project and what I believe to be a new hobby. Because I've also decided to restore the Cub Cadet 122 and have added a Case 444 to my list of future restoration projects as well as redoing a Massey Ferguson 1655 for a friend of mine.  But the 7112 is the tractor I'm planning to use on my lawn because to sum it up, I'm "Simply Satisfied"! 

Here is a pic of my 7112 before I started and a couple of "in the works" photos, I should have more pics as soon as I get around to taking them.  I bought this tractor for $450.00 and mowed 4.5 acres thru most of the season before it started rapping. As close as I can determine it's a 1983 model that is all original except for the soup can muffler that someone opted to install (mutilating the hood in the process) instead of the stock muffler. It came with a 42" mower deck which I have plans on upgrading to a 48" deck from the same place I found a replacement hood. I've tracked down most of the decals and have every intention of putting it back as close to original as possible. I bet we can get another 20 years out of it!! 

Thank You for a Great site!

 Ray Glock

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