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Check this out -- not only does Rob Baumuller have two sharp AC pullers, but they're both driven by his young daughters...  

Click each picture for a closer look

rb_b110_1.jpg (40478 bytes)

rb_b110_2.jpg (39363 bytes)

rb_b110_solo1.jpg (28867 bytes)

rb_b110_3.jpg (50245 bytes)

rb_b110_solo3.jpg (17303 bytes)

rb_big10_3.jpg (60128 bytes)

rb_b110_solo2.jpg (21336 bytes)

rb_big10_1.jpg (43065 bytes)

rb_big10_2.jpg (49746 bytes)

When asked to describe these pictures, Rob says:

"Well, let's see. My girls are the ages of 7, 10 & 12.  My ten year old girl started tractor pulling about four years ago.  Then last year the 7 and 12 year old wanted to do it also.  So, the Big Ten that I was building for myself was then handed down to them, which is alright cuz I like building as much as admiring.

"They have a blast.  The B-110 which is painted orange and black is my daughters wishes.  she is the one that was going to be on it -- she might as well have it her way -- it's the right thing being she's a girl.  The tractor has been refitted with a Kohler 14 horse engine and has had a little work done it.  We pull it in a stock class which consists of 10-14 horse tractors.  As far as belt driven tractor, its pretty dominant but the Cub Cadets are still out there by enough to keep this tractor in fourth place two years in a row.  

"The Big Ten is a bone stock 12 B&S.  Both tractors are using stock 3-speed trannys and we change our gearing on the tranny pulley. I have every size pulley from 4" to 12" in half inch increments."





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