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Meet Taylor Ridge, now 14, our youngest club member -- a budding young mechanic, and a heck of a businessman.  See his description of his Simplicity 3012 and AC 611, and hear his story with each photo.

Side-shot of 3212V: I bought this mower from the original owner. He had tore up a gear in the bevel gear box and had got all the parts to fix it but didn't want to spend the money for someone to put it in. So, I bought it off of him for $300 of my hard earned cash.

It ran real good and didn't use any oil but wouldn't move with the gear in the shape it was. When we got it home my brother took it to the shop he works at and had his boss help me put it in. After that we adjusted the clutch -- I think that was why the gear was tore up. After all that I decided to paint it. I figured I would slip the tires off and sandblast the rims first. Wrong, they were liquid filled so I taped it off and did it with them on. I didn't get to much paint on the tires. Then we sand-blasted, decaled and painted the rest.




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