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I flew to Columbus, Georgia from Colorado Springs, Colorado last fall to pick up an non-running AC 720 with snow blade, sickle mower, and rear wheel weights.  The owner had taken it for trade on John Deere work or parts (I forget which).  He had answered my Want Ad earlier in 2000 asking for a AC 720.  I wanted the 720 after seeing it in Norm Swinford's Allis-Chalmers book and since I own a 1964 diesel AC 190.  The 720 garden tractor, of course, looks like the 7,800 pound 190.

After landing in Columbus I picked up a large rental truck and drove to the owners house just a few miles from the airport.  We used come-a-longs to pull the tractor (one flat front tire) into the rental truck after removing the 5-foot snow blade.  I then drove to Monroe City, Missouri (near Hannibal) to stay with my wife's relatives.  The next day I loaded some used furniture in the rental truck and drove home.
I managed to get the 720 running while in the rental truck and backed it down some Sears garden tractor ramps.  Since then I have painted the hood (need decals), fenders, and snow blade plus performed the usual maintenance.  It came in very handy with the numerous snows we had last winter.  I hope to add a loader some time soon.
This spring I used it to move the 1968 International Scout chassis as I was working on it.  That is the picture I attached.  I made a boom for the three point hitch that I can use to pick up the snow blade or sickle mower.  When tied to the rear of the Scout chassis (just about directly above the lower arm pins) I could pick up the rear wheels and move the chassis around.  Very handy!
Thanks for the great web site!
Jim Long, ac190

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