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The early ad, below, introduces the Allis-Chalmers manufactured Homelites... you can also view more details and their specifications using the links to the right.

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Any garden tractor can mow, till, plow, cultivate or grade. But with the Homelite T16H you can reap something extra:  incredible operating ease. The comfort features that are standard  equipment on our 16-horsepower model virtually eliminate the dirty work involved in working the soil.

For starters, electric starting is standard. All you do is turn a key from the driver’s seat.  Attachments are simpler to attach, as well. Instead of hard-to-fit and hard-to-remove nuts and bolts, they’re assembled with easy-to-fit, easy-to- remove pins. You can also lift and lower the attachments from the driver’s seat.  And not manually, with a handle. Electrically, with a switch.

And  since you're spending so much time in the driver's seat, we've deep padded for smoother riding even over the toughest terrain.

But don’t think that all this excessive attention to the driver minimizes the tractor’s performance in any way. The T16H performs better than tractors that are far more difficult to operate.

It has a hydrostatic transmission that lets you shift without a clutch pedal. And it enables you to vary the tractor speed while the speed of the attachment remains constant. Since the number of attachments is a crucial tractor factor, we offer a large assortment to choose from. 18 in all.

And if you’d rather not restrict your mowing and gardening to Sunday driving, headlights are standard for evening use. Consult the Yellow Pages or call this toll free number: 800-447-4700 (in Illinois, 800-322-4400) to find the Homelite dealer nearest you. He’ll be happy to point out even more of the easy-to-operate benefits of the Homelite T16-H. Our cream of the crops.



[Source: Homelite ad, exact date unknown, courtesy of Sam Ericson]



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